Viral TikTok exposes how difficult Squid Game’s challenges really are

Squid Game viral challenges on TikTokTikTok

The hit Korean Netflix series ‘Squid Game’ has taken the internet by storm, and now, TikTok users are discovering how deadly the show’s challenges actually are by trying them out themselves.

In the show, hundreds of down-on-their-luck individuals agree to participate in a series of challenges based on children’s games in order to win a fortune. It’s a fun premise, especially considering the fact that all of the games have a deadly twist: If you fail, you die.

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Given the simplicity of some of the games, TikTokers have been trying them out for themselves with viral results.

Just be aware that these videos do contain some slight show spoilers, but with that out of the way, let’s see how dangerous these challenges are for normal people.

Squid Game Red Light Green LightYouTube/Netflix
Squid Game’s challenges are deadly.

Squid Game’s “Red Light, Green Light” challenge

The first game played on the show is Red Light, Green Light. When the large robotic female looks away, you’re free to run to the finish line, but you must stop when she turns back around.

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In the show, many characters are unable to complete the challenge and are shocked to discover that the immediate penalty for failure is death.

TikTokker Viprawr actually recreated the scene to near perfection, robotic girl and all. In the clip, you can see four players successfully stop as the girl turns around, avoiding death.

Overall, if you know the rules to this game, it’s likely that you’ll succeed, but it may be harder to remain emotionally stable if folks are literally dying right next to you.

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What is the Honeycomb Squid Game TikTok trend?

One of the most interesting and trendy challenges is the Honeycomb game, which saw players attempt to cut out a shape from a candy mold without breaking it within a short time limit.

As shown by TikTokker ‘bayashi.tiktok,’ this challenge is a lot tougher than it sounds. After creating a mold for himself with a star design pattern, he attempted to cut it out. With sweat dripping from his brow, he failed miserably.

User ‘_urgflol’ also tried the challenge, this time by just breaking off the outside pieces, thinking they’d discovered an easier way to finish the game.

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This didn’t work, however, and they too failed. In the case of both videos, the creators ended them with a scene from the show of a Triangle villain shooting them in the head.

So, while it might be safe to say that while Red Light, Green Light is easier, Honeycomb is a much more difficult game than it seems… and one in which a lot of people may meet their demise in an actual Squid Game.

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