Pokemon fans had no idea how big Larvesta is – and it’s terrifying

Nathan Ellingsworth
A promotional image for a life size Larvesta plush shows the large stuffed toy next to a person reading

Some Pokemon sizes are wild. While fans have known ever since Pokemon Red & Blue that not all Pocket Monsters are made equal, the ability to see Pokemon in the overworld (thanks to titles like Pokemon Legends Arceus and Pokemon Scarlet & Violet) has highlighted the disparity.

Whether you’re hunting an Alpha Pokemon, a Totem boss, or even the mighty Titans from Scarlet & Violet, some Pokemon are absolutely massive, and occasionally they’re much bigger than fans ever imagined.

While it might not be as big as a Wailord, it seems that not a single Pokemon fan realized quite how big the adorable Bug-type Larvesta is. A new life-size plush has shown that this unassuming monster is actually somewhat of a whopper.

Import retailer Meccha Japan was one of the first to post about the plush, which lists the figure for ¥54,450 or around $350 before import costs. Later, Serebii founder Joe Merrick also shared the new release and some photos of its size, much to the surprise of many Pokemon fans in the replies.

Pictures reveal the life-size Larvesta plush to be around waist height – almost equal to a large dog – and this information has blown the minds of many Pokemon veterans. As one says, “life size? THAT is its actual size?”

Dozens more fans seem shocked by this revelation, with comments adding, “I didn’t expect Larvesta to actually be so huge” and another saying, “THAT’S HOW BIG LARVESTA IS????”

A separate comment points out quite how scary this would be, as they explain, “See this is why I’m glad Pokemon aren’t real. You really think y’all could take a bug that size, no chance.”

Fans also seem pretty split on whether this massive plush is endearing or just plain scary. As a person adds, “That being ‘life size’ isn’t adorable, it’s terrifying.”

It even gives more context to its powerful evolution, as comments say this size might explain why Volcarona “terrorizes people regardless of format.”

For an even better look, retailer Pokeshopper shared more photos of the plush showing a model picking up the Larvesta, which gives a much better sense of scale for the massive Bug Pokemon.

If you want to pick up a massive Pocket Monster but can’t quite stretch to the price, be sure to check out the current Pokemon Go Raid bosses, including Mega Pidgeot, and look forward to the return of Mega Evolution with Pokemon Legends Z-A.