Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Titan Battle: Locations, Level Order, Types, more

Klawf the Titan PokemonThe Pokemon Company

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players will need to challenge Pladea’s Titans to obtain access to the coveted Herba Mystica. Below is everything to know about the Titan Pokemon, and what order they should be battled in.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players have their choice of three major storylines while exploring the Paldea region, the first follows the path to becoming a Champion, the second takes players on a journey to take down Team Star, and the third requires an adventure all across the region to battle Titan Pokemon.

The “Path of Legends” story, which is led by the grumpy NPC Arven, focuses on searching out extremely powerful Pokemon protecting the Herba Mystica. Originally thought to be nothing more than fairytales, the player quickly uncovers the locations of the Titans, and proves the Herba Mystica exist.

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However, taking on the Titans is a similar experience to the Gym Leader battles in both Scarlet & Violet and past games. Players will need to know the power levels of each behemoth, and prepare accordingly. here is everything to know about Titan battles and what Level Order to challenge them in.

All Titan Pokemon and what Level Order to battle them in

Klawf the Titan PokemonThe Pokemon Company
Klawf is one of the Scarlet & Violet Titans

Each Titan is an oversized, extra-powerful version of an existing Pokemon in the Paldea region. Below is a guide to each Titan’s location, type, type, and what order they should be battled in according to Serebii.net.

Battle OrderImageNameLevelTypeLocationWeakness
1KlawfLv. 16RockSouth Province (Area 3)Fighting, Ground, Steel
2BombirdierLv. 20FlyingWest Province (Area 1)Rock, Electric, Ice
3OrthwormLv. 20SteelEast Province (Area 3)Steel, Fire, Water, Electric
4V: Iron Treads/S: Great TuskLv. 45Steel/FightingAsado DessertSteel, Fire, Water, Electric/Bug, Fairy, Poison, Psychic
5Dondozo &TatsugiriLV. 57Water/Water & DragonCasseroya LakeWater, Grass, Dragon/Water, Grass, Dragon, Ice, Fairy

Defeat Scarlet & Violet’s Titan Pokemon to battle Arven

After completing the Titan battles, players will have the chance to battle Arven at the Poco Path.

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Arven Pokemon Scarlet VioletThe Pokemon Company

His team is powerful, in line with the Elite Four battles to become Champion. After defeating Arven, players will team up with him and either Penny or Nemona to enter Area Zero.

Mabosstiff63Dark Tera Type

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