Pokemon trainer’s dog joins Team Rocket with Dark Houndoom cosplay

pokemon houndoom cosplayThe Pokemon Company

A clever Pokemon fan dressed their dog in Dark Houndoom cosplay, ensuring the canine is ready to eventually join the Team Rocket ranks.

Pokemon fans rarely miss a chance to honor their favorite franchise, be it through fan art, cosplay, or reimaginings of notable pieces of lore.

Cosplay doesn’t begin and end with the franchise’s trainers, either. Many people have also found a way to cosplay some of Pokemon’s most fascinating creatures.

And, sometimes, bringing the pocket monsters to life works best when creatures of another kind take center stage.

Pokemon trainer’s dog wins Halloween with Houndoom cosplay

The Pokemon subreddit is replete with a wide variety of adorable posts. However, a recent video from AdAgreeable9126 has stolen the hearts of many.

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In the video, the Redditor’s dog is seen wearing a Pokemon-inspired Houndoom costume. The Doberman and German Shepherd mix wears the cosplay well, and it comes complete with white ankle bands and the Houndoom’s trademark ridges across the back.

See a real-life Houndoom in action in the video linked below:

Unsurprisingly, thousands of users in the Pokemon subreddit were impressed by the Houndoom cosplay. Someone described it as the “coolest dog costume” they’ve ever seen.

Several others said it looks “perfect.” Meanwhile, many more Redditors were simply happy to finally see Houndoom with ears.

A Dark/Fire type Pokemon that joined the brand over two decades ago, Houndoom has appeared in manga, anime, and games.

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The creature can evolve into a Mega Houndoom as well, something the Redditor above may want to consider for their dog’s next Pokemon costume.