Pokemon Center Charizard UPC buyers blocked as pre-order sells out in minutes

Laura Gray
sword-shield-ultra-premium-collection-charizard-169-enThe Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Center has finally added the Charizard Ultra Premium Collection to its stock, but fans were taken aback when the pre-orders sold out in minutes. In addition to the shortage, many others have found themselves blocked from the site.

Pokemon TCG fans have been preparing for the upcoming launch of the Charizard Ultra Premium Collection for several months, searching for pre-orders at retail stores and even purchasing second-hand pre-orders from scalpers.

The set, which will feature three stunning, etched Charizard Promo cards among other goodies, is one of the last Sword & Shield collectors boxes that will release ahead of the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet & Violet video games. Starting in 2023, the card game expansions will change direction, embracing Gen 9 mechanics.

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Unfortunately, the Charizard UPC has already proven to be a difficult purchase for Pokemon TCG players. Due to its collectability, pre-order opportunities have been in short supply, with some even over-selling at certain locations. This has created a sense of anxiety for those still looking for secure a box.

The Pokemon Center Charizard UPCs sell out in minutes

Many Pokemon TCG fans thought their opportunity had finally come when a Twitter post by PokemonTCGDrops announced the official Pokemon Center online store had added Charizard UPC pre-orders. The pre-orders, which were limited to two boxes a person, were listed at $119.99.

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Unfortunately, the boxes sold out within minutes. Some players added the pre-order to their cart, only for it to be marked as sold out before they could make it to the payment screen. Other Pokemon TCG fans reported they became blocked from the site during the payment process.

Fans have since flocked to the comments of the Twitter post for the Charizard UPC announcement, venting frustration at the limited stock and website issues. User _iNt3LL_ states, “Well, I guess that finally answers the question for anyone holding out saying that these would be, “Widely available,” and, “Printed to oblivion” while JeremiahOcana22 adds “Genuinely impressive how it’s already gone”.

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Surprisingly, the Charizard UPC boxes have since been removed from the Pokemon TCG section of the store. It is possible the website has taken them down to reevaluate the stock issues and demand that was seen when the pre-orders went live. Hopefully, more pre-orders will become available on the website before the launch date on October 28.

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