Pokemon anime fans speculate Team Rocket will return one last time

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Pokemon anime fans weren’t satisfied with Team Rocket’s story arc in episode 9 of “Aim to be a Pokemon Master,” which saw the team dissolve. Now, there are predictions the famed antagonists will return.

Pokemon anime fans are worried about Jesse, James, and Meowth following episode 9 of “Aim to be a Pokemon Master.” The 11-episode special series is set to wrap Ash’s time as the main protagonist following over two decades of adventures.

However, Ash’s departure comes alongside goodbyes to other prominent characters like Ash, Misty, and Team Rocket. The antagonist team has plagued Ash since his time in “Indigo League,” following him even as his companions changed in new regions. Because of this, many Pokemon anime fans have become fond of the not-so-clever thieves and hope they will get redemption before the series ends.

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Unfortunately, the most recent episode of “Aim to be a Pokemon Master” has thrown their potentially happy ending into uncertain waters following an argument after their most recent defeat. The team was seen dissolving, with Jesse, James, and Meowth all walking away from each other near the episode’s ending.

Pokemon anime fans are rooting for Team Rocket

In a Twitter post by ThePokeRaf, the content creator comments on Team Rocket’s seemingly turbulent end, stating, “After 25 years of annoying yet funny, wholesome, heartwarming and entertaining moments, Team Rocket’s Trio – Jessie, James, and Meowth leave the Pokémon anime. These characters were some of the most charming, and they for sure made the anime special. I will miss them”.

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However, some Pokemon anime fans aren’t so sure this episode is the last of Team Rocket. One fan comments, “I don’t believe for a second that they would end that quickly. They’ll reunite still,” while another adds, “Nah, they’re coming back, they can’t end it like this.”

For others, this was the first they had heard of Team Rocket’s tragic goodbyes. One fan, stunned by the news, exclaims, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY SPLIT TEAM ROCKET??? LIKE WHY DID THEY DO THAT? TEAM ROCKET WAS A GREAT TRIO THEY PREPARED YOU FOR TROUBLE AND MADE IT DOUBLE!!!!”

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While it is possible the argument Team Rocket had during the newest Pokemon anime episode could be their last, it seems unlikely. With two more episodes left of “Aim to be a Pokemon Master,” it is very possible fans will see the iconic, failed villains one last time. Their ending will be as bittersweet as Ash’s, making room for a new era of adventures.