Nintendo Switch 2 has the chance to redeem Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Scott Baird
Nintendo Switch 2 has the chance to redeem Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Nintendo has confirmed that the successor to the Switch is on the way, which means we might finally get the version of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet that we deserve.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet prove that you don’t need to finish a game for it to be successful. The Gen 9 titles launched with some of the worst glitches and technical issues in the history of the franchise, yet they still went on to sell over 20 million copies.

When the games launched, fans had hoped that Game Freak would be able to patch most of the issues with Gen 9. Unfortunately, this wasn’t meant to be, as they’re still in rough shape to this day, with launch bugs that still haven’t been resolved.

However, there’s still a chance for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet to be fixed, and it involves a recent announcement made by Nintendo itself.

Nintendo has finally confirmed the existence of the Switch’s successor (referred to hereafter as the Switch 2, though it lacks an official name), which is set to be revealed during the fiscal year.

A console’s launch period is always rough, as it’s when the system is at its least valuable, owing to a high price point and a lack of new titles.

One way in which Nintendo could have an easy launch title for its new system is an updated version of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (preferably a free one), which fixes the issues with both games.

Assuming that the Switch 2 has better hardware than the current model, Game Freak won’t face the restrictions that are currently affecting Gen 9. A ton of work can be done to fix the textures, frame rate, draw distance, and pop-in. If we’re lucky, we might even get working windmills.

We know that Pokemon Legends Z-A is coming in 2025, but it’s unclear if it will be around for the launch of the Switch 2. All The Pokemon Company needs is an updated release of the Gen 9 games to fill the gap before we return to Kalos.

Sure, it would break with series tradition, but The Pokemon Company hasn’t been afraid to do that in the past. The Gen 9 games deserve a chance to stand on their own, without the shadow of their technical faults hanging over them, and the Switch 2 is the ideal way for Paldea to shine as it should.