All new Shinies in Pokemon Go Tour Hoenn & how to get them

New Shiny Pokemon appearing during Go Tour HoennNiantic

Pokemon Go Tour Hoenn is introducing some new Shiny Pokemon to the game, so we’ve put together a list to help you keep track of the Shinies you want to catch.

There’s plenty to do during Pokemon Go Tour Hoenn like completing Special Research quests and battling Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre, but Pokedex completionists will probably have something else on their mind: New Shinies!

Just like every other major event in Pokemon Go, there are going to be several Shinies making their debut during Pokemon Go Tour Hoenn. If you’re looking to catch ’em all, you’ll find a roundup of the new Shiny Pokemon below.

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Primal Kyogre and Primal Groudon in Pokemon Go Tour HoennNiantic

All new Shinies in Pokemon Go Tour Hoenn

These are all of the Shiny Pokemon debuting in the Tour Hoenn event and how to get them:

Shiny PokemonHow to get itWhat it looks like
Shiny Unown HSpawns in the wild when using IncenseShiny Unown H
Shiny SurskitSpawns in the wild during the Eerie Mists Habitat & hatches from 5km EggsShiny Surskit
Shiny MasquerainEvolve a Shiny SurskitShiny Masquerain
Shiny GulpinSpawns in the wild during the Verdant Earth Habitat & hatches from 5km EggsShiny Gulpin
Shiny SwalotEvolve a Shiny GulpinShiny Swalot
Shiny TorkoalHatches from 10km EggsShiny Torkoal
Shiny CacneaSpawns in the wild during the Blistering Sands Habitat & hatches from 5km EggsShiny Cacnea
Shiny CacturneEvolve a Shiny CacneaShiny Cacturne
Shiny TropiusHatches from 10km EggsShiny Tropius
Shiny RelicanthHatches from 10km EggsShiny Relicanth
Shiny KecleonAttaches itself to random PokeStopsShiny Kecleon in Pokemon Go
Shiny JirachiPurchase and complete the Wish Granted Masterwork ResearchShiny Jirachi in Pokemon Go

The chances of encountering a Shiny Pokemon are always very low, but you’ll have a slightly boosted chance of encountering Shinies from the Hoenn region during the Pokemon Go Tour Hoenn event.

These new Shinies were first available for trainers who had a ticket to the Las Vegas event (February 18-19), but they will be available for players worldwide during the free global event (February 25-26).

While most of these Shinies can be found as wild spawns, encountering Shiny Jirachi will require you to purchase and complete the Wish Granted Masterwork Research guide.

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The elusive Kecleon also has a very unique catch mechanic, so you might want to brush up with our Kecleon guide if you’re looking for a Shiny version.

Good luck catching those new Shinies! To get the most out of this event, make sure you check out our Pokemon Go Tour Hoenn guide.