“Phenomenal” Pokemon card spotted in latest Stellar Miracle reveals

Em Stonham
Crabominable Pokemon card with sunset anime background.

Reveal season is always an exciting time to be on the internet as a Pokemon card collector, as new cards mean the opportunity to create new decks, try out new tactics, and potentially add rare and valuable pieces to your collection.

Stellar Miracle’s reveal season is in full swing and the latest cards have been met with a mixed reception – despite one of them being dubbed “phenomenal” by an eager fan online.

Revealed via the official Japanese Pokemon TCG YouTube channel, five new Stellar Miracle cards were shown off to eager Pokemon TCG fans. The trio that undoubtedly stood out from the bunch were the new Crabrawler and Crabominable cards, specifically the latter’s new Art Rare.

Crawbrawler and Crabominable Pokemon cards.
Crabrawler (059/102), Crabominable (024/102), and Crabominable (107/102) Pokemon cards.

Thanks to translations from PokeBeach, it’s clear that the Crabominable cards will take some tweaking to work well in a competitive format. The Crabrawler card is standard in terms of competitive viability, with a decent HP pool and middling Attacks.

The Crabominable card is potentially lethal, though, especially if players have the new Kofu in hand as well. The Prep Work Ability means that Attacks cost 1 Energy less for every discarded Kofu, making the 250 damage Haymaker Attack potentially viable.

The downside of this potentially cheap one-shot is that it does prevent Crabominable from attacking on the next turn. With the right Items and Trainers, though, this may never be an issue – players will just need to get creative.

Veluza and Kofu Pokemon cards.
Veluza (027/102) and Kofu (099/102) Pokemon cards.

Speaking of Kofu, the lovable Gen 9 Gym Leader is finally making his debut in an official capacity, being featured on both a Supporter card and the Veluza card.

Veluza (027/102) has access to the same Prep Work Ability as Crabominable, as well as a 110 damage Attack called Sonic Edge. The damage from this Attack is not affected by any Active Pokemon effects on the opposing team.

The Kofu Trainer card is situational. It allows players to put two cards from their hand on the bottom of their deck before drawing four. If two cards can’t be placed at the bottom of the deck, the Kofu card cannot be played.

The reaction to these cards was mixed in Pokemon fan forums, with one player praising the Crabominable Art Rare by saying, “That is a phenomenal AR, gives Flutter AR vibes and I loved that one.”

Others weren’t so sure. One jokingly said that the artist made the right choice to obscure Crabominable with snow in the Art Rare design, while another frustrated player said, “No one wanted a Crabominable Art Rare. It’s taking one of the valuable 12 slots.”

In terms of competitive viability, most Pokemon TCG players were uncertain about how to take these cards. Some felt that they held the potential to be part of a fun rogue deck, while others questioned if they’d ever be viable in a match-up.

It’s hard to say with certainty what impact these new Stellar Miracle cards will have when they come out – if they have any at all. The Crabominable AR is certainly one to watch as an art collector, though.

Stellar Miracle is set to be a thrilling release for art collectors, with some potentially rare and valuable Stellar Tera-type gems. While you wait for it to come out on July 19, make sure to check out our guide to importing the set if you’re based outside of Japan.

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