“Absolutely beautiful” Stellar Miracle Pokemon card revealed to adoring players

Em Stonham
Stellar Miracle Briar with Pokemon anime background.

It’s a brilliant time to be a Pokemon TCG collector. The next Japanese expansion set, Stellar Miracle, is just around the corner, and The Pokemon Company is keeping fans on their toes with a consistent stream of intriguing Pokemon card reveals.

The latest card reveal for Stellar Miracle was unveiled by the official Japanese Pokemon TCG YouTube channel, and – for the most part – it’s gone down incredibly well with fans.

Featuring a fan-favorite character from the Scarlet & Violet Teal Mask DLC, the full-art gem was shown off to fans and received a positive response on social media. While some players are concerned about its competitive viability, Briar (126/102) is looking like a must-have for collectors.

Full art Briar from Stellar Miracle.
Briar (126/102) Pokemon card.

PokeBeach put out helpful card translations right after the card’s official unveiling, allowing players to theorize how it could be used in a match. It’s a situational card, specifically benefiting players who use lots of Tera Pokemon in their deck.

To use Briar, your opponent must have only 2 Prize Cards left. Until the end of the turn that Briar is played, if your Tera Pokemon’s Attacks knock Out an opponent’s Active Pokemon, you get to take one more Prize Card.

It’s an intriguing card that could potentially swing the scales back in the user’s favor during a tricky match. One Pokemon TCG player in the forums praised it by saying, “It’s great, because one prizers can be annoying.”

Other viewers were more focused on the overall aesthetic of the card, with one fan on X excitedly declaring it an “Absolutely beautiful card.” Another chimed in, “Omg the art style is lovely! Definitely getting this one.”

Other Pokemon TCG collectors weren’t sold on the card mechanics, though. Some players in the forums theorized about how annoying it could potentially be to face off against in a match, and one person shared that they were “Not a fan of the game design of this card.”

Whether you’re excited about this reveal or feeling underwhelmed by the competitive viability, it’s important to keep an eye on the Stellar Miracle release. This expansion set drops in Japan on July 19, and it’s set to be one of the most unique Pokemon TCG releases in the calendar this year.