How to get Shiny Mew in Pokemon Go Kanto event

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Shiny Mew in Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go is bringing Shiny Mew to the game as part of the upcoming Kanto event. Here’s how you can get your hands on one.

Fans have been wondering when Shiny Mew would arrive in Pokemon Go for years now. The character has one of the best alternative designs in the game, swapping its traditional pink hue for a light blue shine, and it would be a fantastic addition to any player’s collection.

While the standard version of Mew is only available after completing the A Mythical Discovery special task, Shiny Mew will be even more difficult to catch, with players having to complete a very specific (and potentially long-winded) quest to be able to acquire one.

Shiny Mew Pokemon EmeraldShiny Mew in Gen 4’s Pokemon Emerald.

As part of the franchises’ 25th-anniversary celebrations taking part in 2021, a special Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto event will take place. All 150 Pokemon that originally appeared in the Kanto region will be available in Shiny form, and completing a special quest will bag you a Shiny Mew.

How to get Shiny Mew in Pokemon Go

To get the chance to encounter Shiny Mew, players will first need to purchase a ticket for the Kanto event from the in-game store. They can then take part in a Special Research story on the day of the event, which leads to an encounter with Shiny Ditto.

Once the first Special Research story is complete, players will be able to access a new kind of research called Masterwork Research, in which a “long and challenging journey” will lead to the discovery of Shiny Mew.

Below we will cover the steps to getting the Shiny Mythical creature in Pokemon Go.

Steps to encountering Shiny Mew in Go

  1. Purchase a ticket to the Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto event.
  2. Log in to Pokemon Go on February 20. Players will need to complete a Special Research with Professor Willow, which will get them a Shiny Ditto.
  3. After completing this quest line, you will receive a Masterwork Research for Shiny Mew which you will need to finish.
  4. Now you will have as much time as you need to complete the goals which will end with you encountering Shiny Mew. Below we will cover the objectives currently known.

Shiny Mew Research Objectives

  • Get a Platinum Kanto Medal by completing Page 1 quests.
  • Reach Trainer Level 40
  • Catch 30 Pokemon of each Type
  • Spin 151 Unique Pokestops
  • Walk 151 km

While the Shiny Mew objectives DO NOT need to be completed in a set time frame, trainers will need to log on during the Kanto event to receive the research before the one-day celebration ends.

The Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto event kicks off on Saturday, February 20, 2021. It lasts from 9 AM to 9 PM local time. This means you’ll only have a 12-hour window to open the app, get access to the first Special Research quest, and start your journey to get a Shiny Mew.

Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto
Pokemon Go’s Kanto event will be a celebration of the original 150 creatures

How much are Pokemon Go Kanto event tickets?

Unfortunately, Shiny Mew won’t come for free. Players will have to purchase a ticket for the Kanto event – which will set them back $11.99 and cannot be bought with PokeCoins – from the in-game store if they want the chance to catch one of the incredibly rare creatures.

On a positive note, this means that if you do get one, you’ll truly be part of a select group of people who can say they own a Shiny Mew in Pokemon Go.

For more on the upcoming 25th-anniversary celebration, including exciting features and instructions on how to join, we’ve rounded up all the details you need about the Pokemon Go Tour: Kanto event.

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