Pokemon Go players have had enough of 10/12km egg rewards


A lot of Pokemon Go players are not happy with rewards that hatch out of 10 and 12km eggs. According to them, making sure Pokemon available in one-star raids are not included in the rewards is “common sense” – but Niantic hasn’t yet made a change. 

There’s been a lot of discussion in the online community surrounding rewards from eggs. It was only recently that a Reddit thread labeling 7km eggs as “trash” amassed over 4,000 upvotes and 300 comments on the game’s subreddit.

The primary criticism appears to be that certain species hatch too often from specific egg types. This has led to some of the affected players giving up opening eggs altogether as they’re bored of receiving the same stuff over and over again.

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The backlash from the community is far from over, as a new thread has gone viral.

In order to hatch eggs, players need to walk a certain distance in kilometers.

Pokemon Go players call for better rewards from eggs

A thread posted to the Pokemon Go subreddit criticizing the rewards from 10 and 12km eggs has over 15,000 upvotes.

The purpose of the post is to point out the inconsistency of rewards through different rarities of eggs: “If a Pokemon is available in a 1-star raid, it shouldn’t be in 10km eggs.”

The availability of these common Pokemon in rare eggs means players repeatedly receive boring rewards. This makes the game’s progression system extremely dull and leads to players writing-off eggs as pointless.

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This is an issue that has been continuously raised by the community and still, Niantic is yet to address the problem. However, the existence of such a huge thread could be enough to get the attention of the developer.

It’s obvious this is an issue faced by the majority of Pokemon Go players as the comments on the thread share a similar frustration: “Absol…I’ve gotten 3 Absols in a row from 12ks… They shouldn’t have even been in 10km eggs.”


It”s difficult to predict whether Niantic will address the complaints of the Pokemon Go community, though with pressure mounting it may actually force their hand. Clearly, there is a demand for change now from a large section of the game’s player base.

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This isn’t the first time players have expressed their opinion on the poor rewards offered by eggs. Until we get official confirmation of a change, though, trainers will just have to keep their fingers crossed. Perhaps a revised rewards system may be considered down the line.