How to change the weather in Pokemon Sword & Shield Crown Tundra

Brent Koepp
rain in pokemon crown tundra

In Pokemon Sword & Shield’s Crown Tundra DLC, monsters are locked behind specific weather patterns. Here is how you can change the climate and force your favorite ‘mons to spawn in the wild.

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Pokemon Sword & Shield got its second major DLC, The Crown Tundra, on October 22. The expansion brought over 119 additional monsters for Trainers to catch, and introduced the Dynamax Adventures mode.

In order for players to complete the new Pokedex, certain monsters only come out during specific weather. However, changing the climate in the snowy region is slightly different from the base game. Here is everything you need to know.

player in the grass in pokemon crown tundra
Trainers can change the weather to force Pokemon to spawn.

How to change the weather in Pokemon Crown Tundra

When Sword & Shield first made its debut back in 2019, it was quickly discovered that players could manipulate the weather patterns on the fly. However when the RPG’s first DLC, The Isle of Armor, dropped, it was revealed that the method had changed.

The Crown Tundra follows in a similar fashion, as changing the climate is slightly different from the main game. While players can still use the Switch’s system clock, the dates from previous regions will no longer work.

Interestingly, certain areas of the map have fixed weather, and rain, thunder, and sandstorms are currently random according to YouTuber ‘Austin John Plays.’ Unfortunately, this makes things a little trickier. Here are the dates to change weather in the Crown Tundra:

pokemon crown tundra map
Different locations have different weather.

Crown Tundra Weather dates

  • Clear – April 30
  • Cloudy – March 31
  • Snowing – June 30
  • Snowstorm – August 31
  • Intense sun – May 31
  • Fog – July 31 
  • Rain – Random
  • Thunderstorm – Random (Dyna Tree on September 3)

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How to change the date in Pokemon Crown Tundra

  • Step 1: On the Home menu, go to System Settings. Then scroll all the way down to System and click Date and Time. 
  • Step 2: Set Synchronize Clock via Internet to OFF.
  • Step 3: Go down to Date & Time, and change it to the desired weather patterns listed above.
nintendo switch settings
You can force weather to change in Crown Tundra using Switch system settings.

The Crown Tundra’s weather isn’t as straightforward as previous regions, particularly with the Dyna Tree location which appears to run on a different pattern. Though players can mess around with their Switch date until they get the desired climate.

Many of the 119 new Pokemon added to Sword & Shield will only spawn under certain climate conditions. So the above guide can be a big help for Trainers looking to complete their expanded Pokedex.