Everything we know about Grafaiai in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: the graffiti artist Pokemon

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Grafaiai in pokemon scarlet and violet

Grafaiai, the Toxic Monkey Pokemon, is a nocturnal forest creature that uses poisonous paint to paralyze its prey. Here’s everything we know about Grafaiai in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

First revealed through a series of documentary-style teasers on the official Pokemon Twitter account, Grafaiai is a Poison/Normal-type Pokemon that bears resemblance to a lemur in both size and shape.

While the patterns it paints on trees with its saliva might look pretty, it’s actually a type of poison that lures in Bug-type Pokemon and paralyzes them. When dawn gets near, Grafaiai returns to collect its prey.

The poisonous saliva that Grafaiai uses to lure in prey changes color depending on what it’s eaten. It can also be used to attack other Pokemon in battle, becoming even more potent when it senses danger.

Grafaiai in Pokemon Sword and Shield

What type of Pokemon is Grafaiai?

Grafaiai is a dual Normal/Poison-type Pokemon, which is a unique combination that’s not been featured in a Pokemon game before. It will be interesting to see how this affects its performance in battle.

Does Grafaiai have an evolution?

It’s unknown if Grafaiai evolves into another Pokemon. However, leakers are claiming that Grafaiai is the second Pokemon in its line meaning there is a baby form that comes before this spray painting lemur.

How to get Grafaiai in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

We won’t know exactly how to get Grafaiai until Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are released, but based on the teasers revealed so far, we can safely assume it will be found in forest areas across the Paldea region.

It’s also likely that Grafaiai will only be found at night, so you might need to wait until the sun sets before looking for this poisonous creature.

Grafaiai Pokemon Scarlet & Violet teasers

The first teaser for Grafaiai took the form of a series of photos posted to Twitter. The colorful paint splotches drew the attention of a Paldean photographer, but they did not share where they came from.

The second teaser showed even more of these painted trees but also included a blurry silhouette of a Pokemon. It was also revealed that Grafaiai was the artist behind the mysterious shapes.

A third teaser took the form of a documentary-style video. In this clip, a narrator can be heard talking about Grafaiai and explaining that the “color Graffiti pants with depends on the Pokemon’s diet”.

That’s everything we know about Grafaiai in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet so far! We’ll keep this page updated when we find out any more information about the Toxic Monkey Pokemon.

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