Eevee, Espeon & Umbreon cards revealed for Pokemon TCG Obsidian Flames

Chris Studley
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Several new card designs for the Pokemon Obsidian Flames TCG set, which included one for Eevee, were unveiled.

Just a few weeks ago, The Pokemon Company unveiled several cards that will be included in the Obsidian Flames card set that is slated to be released later this year. One of those cards was a Dark-type Tera form of Charizard, which received rave reviews from players.

To continue to promotion of Obsidian Flames, The Pokemon Company released designs for three new cards that will be in the series.

Designs for Eevee, as well as Espeon and Umbreon, have been unveiled.

Dark-type Umbreon in the Pokemon anime

New cards for Pokemon TCG Obsidian Flames unveiled

On July 21, The Pokemon Company unveiled several new card designs for the upcoming Obsidian Flames TCG series collection that’s set to release in August.

Card designs for Eevee and two of its Evolutions, Espeon and Umbreon, were revealed for the first time on the RadioTimes website.

The Eevee in the Pokemon TCG Obsidian Flames set comes with 70 HP and two moves: Cheer Up and Kick. The Normal-type Pokemon is weak to Fighting-type moves.

Psychic-type Pokemon Espeon possesses 110 HP, and two Psychic moves in Psychic Assault and Psy Bolt. Espeon resists Fighting, but is weak to Dark moves.

Lastly, Dark-type Pokemon Umbreon also has 110 HP, Feint Attack and Pitch-Black Blade. Umbreon is weak to Grass.

Eevee, Espeon, and Umbreon from Obsidian Flames

The three cards will have the same design as the Eevee, Espeon, and Umbreon that are set to be included in the Japanese SV3 Ruler of the Black Flame set.

The Pokemon TCG Obsidian Flames set will be released on August 11, 2023. The new series will feature over 190 new cards, Tera forms of classic Pokemon, at least 20 ex items, more than 15 Trainer cards, and dozens of cards with special illustrations.

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