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Alternative Pokemon to use in GO Battle League’s Little Cup

Published: 15/Nov/2020 17:56

by Paul Cot


Trainers are becoming increasingly familiar with the new cup competition in Pokemon Go: GO Battle League’s Little Cup. The change in rules has led to wildly different Pokemon being selected and even now players are still tinkering with their teams. Here are some alternative options you may not have thought of.

Trainers were thrown a curve ball with GO Battle League Season 5 as it was announced the new Little Cup competition would kick off the season. Previously a limit of 1,500 CP was the lowest a league went to but the Little Cup drastically decreases that to a meagre 500 CP.


Naturally some Pokemon have come to the forefront early and matches are already littered with these ‘mons. One Pokemon has quickly rose to the top of that list though, Bronzor has become must-have if you want to compete with the best trainers.

Here are some alternative choices for your Little Cup roster:

Barboach Little Cup
Barboach’s Mud Shot allows you to use plenty of Charge Moves…


Among the current pool of Little Cup Pokemon, there aren’t many that allow you to spam Charge Moves. But Barboach is the exception.

Its Mud Shot Fast Move may be weak but has fantastic energy generation at 4.5 EPT. Combine that with Aqua Tail and Ice Beam for a truly diverse attack. A second Charge Move will only set you back 10,000 Stardust and 25 Candy, too.


It also doubles up as a counter against Bronzor, as the dual psychic/steel-type is weak to ground attacks. Barboach itself only has one weakness, although it’s a double one and that comes against grass.

Ducklett Little Cup
Ducklett is nothing special but does have endurance…


Ducklett is a viable option in the Little Cup because of its stamina and typing. As we know stamina (and defense) go a long way, giving the Pokemon in question the bulk to survive Charged attacks.

The Water Bird Pokemon’s dual flying and water typing also gives it favorable matchups. It is weak to only electric (256% damage) and rock. Meanwhile, it holds resistances against bug, fighting, fire, ground (39.1% damage), steel, and water.


Its moveset is nothing to shout home about but nevertheless can be a solid addition to your team.

Minccino Little Cup
Minccino’s Charm can be incredibly frustrating for opponents…


Charm. That’s Minccino’s biggest advantage in the Little Cup.

As many of you will know Charm is a beast of a move. Apart from Razor Leaf, it deals the most damage of any Fast Move in all of Pokemon Go.

It is also the perfect foil for the well-picked Deino. Its dual dark and dragon-typing means it is doubly weak to fairy moves. Minccino vs Deino is one of the most one-sided matchups in the entire game.

The Chinchilla Pokemon is a pure normal type making it weak to only fighting and resistant to only ghost. Combine that with its good stamina stat and there aren’t many Pokemon that will take out Minccino quickly.


Vulpix Little Cup
Vulpix is one of the best Bronzor counters…


Bronzor counters have become very appealing as of late and Vulpix is one the best to do it. That’s if you don’t have Barboach already, of course.

As a steel-type Bronzor is weak to fire and Vulpix boasts Ember as a Fast Move. In truth, it’s an average move at best but with Bronzor’s current dominance your hand might be forced.

Unfortunately, Vulpix’s stats are average at best and a second Charge Move will set you back 50,000 Stardust and 50 Candy. Should you choose to buy it though, you can pair Body Slam and Flame Charge, the latter of which will really put Bronzor in trouble.