Why every Pokemon Go trainer suddenly wants a Bronzor

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From mediocrity to Pokemon Go’s current most must-have Pokemon. Bronzor has quickly become essential for GO Battle League’s Little Cup.

GO Battle League Season 5 is underway and it begins with the new and exciting Little Cup. This unique competition only allows Pokemon at 500 CP or less, in addition to excluding species that cannot evolve or already have.

It is very different from the leagues we are used to, resulting in a completely new set of Pokemon being used. The meta is continuing to evolve but of the best Pokemon to use in the Little Cup Bronzor has quickly rose to the very top.

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If you have come up against one it will quickly dawn on you that you need one in your team. For those of you that are already using Bronzor, you’ll probably find you’re winning more battles than not.

Shieldon BronzorPokemon Fandom
Due to a much lower max CP, Bronzor is more effective in Little Cup than Shieldon…

Bronzor has everything for the Little Cup

Let’s take a look at what makes Bronzor so overwhelming in the Little Cup.

Incredible defensive stats

The first thing to look at are Bronzor’s stats.

Experienced GO Battle League players will know that defensively strong, bulky Pokemon fair best in the PvP format. Its defense and stamina stat is gigantic for at around the 500 CP mark.

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It is so impressive that it even surpasses that of Shieldon, a Pokemon known for its defensive prowess. This is because Bronzor can get closer to its max stats at 500 CP as its max CP is 603 whereas Shieldon’s is much higher at 890. Bronzor can reach Level 29 whereas Shieldon only reaches Level 19.5 before hitting 500 CP.

Naturally its attack is dismal but that isn’t something to worry about.

Plenty of resistances

Its stats get a big fat green tick, so let’s look at Bronzor’s typing.

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It’s a dual psychic and steel-type which gives it four weaknesses compared to 10 resistances. It’s vulnerabilities are against dark, fire, ghost and ground attacks.

However, if you can avoid those then Bronzor will almost certainly be the favorite in the Little Cup format. It is resistant to all of: dragon, fairy, flying, grass, ice, normal, poison, psychic, rock and steel attacks.

Of those it is doubly resistant to poison and psychic. So, if you can match it up against either of those attacks you’re in for an easy battle.

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Strong moves

Bronzor’s Fast Move is a choice between Confusion and Tackle. Confusion surpasses Tackle both in terms of damage and energy so utilizing that is an easy decision. The four damage per turn Confusion deals goes some way making up for its weak attack.

For its Charge Moves it has Gyro Ball, Heavy Slam and Psyshock available. Of these Psyshock has the best damage per energy as well as the lowest energy requirement making it tough to not use.

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Meanwhile, Gyro Ball and Heavy Slam are both steel-type moves giving you welcomed diversity from its psychic heavy attack. Gyro Ball hits harder but also requires more energy. As a result, it is down to preference which you use. Luckily a second Charge Move for Bronzor costs a reasonable 50,000 Stardust and 50 Candy.

Where to find Bronzor in Pokemon Go

Unfortunately Bronzor is a difficult Pokemon to find, so if you haven’t got one already you could be waiting a while. It is a rare spawn in the wild but can be found in eggs and Raid Battles too, although as of writing it isn’t featuring in either.

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