Where to find and catch Kelpsea in Palworld

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Kelpsea palworld

Kelpsea, a Water element Pal known for its active skills like “Hydro Jet” and “Aqua Gun,” is a sought-after companion for adventurers in Palworld. This guide is dedicated to unveiling the key locations where Kelpsea can be found in Palworld and providing strategies for its capture, enhancing your aquatic adventure.

Kelpsea stands out with its “Aqua Spout” Partner Skill, boosting the attack power of Water Pals when in the team. Capturing this aquatic Pal, however, requires a strategic approach that considers its habitats and elemental weaknesses. Let’s dive into the specifics of how you can find Kelpsea and successfully add it to your team.

The journey to add Kelpsea to your collection involves traversing both the central and western regions of the Palpagos Islands. This guide will focus on pinpointing Kelpsea’s natural habitats and discussing the tactics needed to capture this elusive Water element Pal.

Kelpsea’s Location in Palworld.The shaded area shows Kelpsea’s Location in Palworld.

Kelpsea’s Location and Capturing Strategy in Palworld

Kelpsea is commonly found in various bodies of water across Palworld. Key coordinates to spot Kelpsea are (-66, -425), (-387, -129), and (-43, -409). Exploring areas like the Ravine Entrance, Azurobe Hill, and Deep Bamboo Thicket fast travel points, particularly in the central and western parts of the Palpagos Islands, increases your chances of encountering Kelpsea in the game.

To successfully capture Kelpsea, understanding its elemental weakness is crucial. As a Water Elemental Type, Kelpsea is vulnerable to Electric type Pals. Utilizing Electric type Pals in your team will give you a significant advantage in weakening and capturing Kelpsea efficiently.

Once captured, Kelpsea becomes a valuable asset for tasks like Watering, as it is suitable for Watering work at Level 1. Kelpsea’s active skills, such as “Dragon Cannon” and “Bubble Blast,” make it a formidable companion in battles. 

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