How to survive in Palworld: Hot & cold weather survival tips

Dylan Horetski
Palworld heat cold

Like many open-world games, Palworld’s map is full of areas with different climates and terrain, like cold, snowy mountains, and volcanos. Here’s how to survive in both the hot and cold weather in Palworld.

Taking a page from Tears of the Kingdom, Palworld’s map consists of a variety of areas that change in all kinds of different ways.

Around Palpagos Islands, you can find yourself scaling mountains, swimming through rivers, and trekking through the snow. While doing some

The difference in climate has left Palworld players wondering — How do you survive the cold and heat?

How to survive the cold weather in Palworld

There are a variety of ways to keep yourself warm in Palworld by just using basic materials available early on in the game.

Here are some basic ways to stay warm in Palworld:

  • Hold a handheld torch
  • Stand by a campfire
  • Equip a cloth outfit
  • Equip a Tundra outfit

The cloth outfit will help you stay warm at night, while the tundra outfit will help you survive the colder areas of the map. Alternatively, at night, you can just sleep through it.

How to survive the hot weather in Palworld

Just as there’s cold weather, there’s hot weather around Palpagos Islands, and there is one major way to stay cool in warmer areas of the map.

  • Equip Tropical Armor

There’s everything you need to know about surviving the hot and cold areas of Palworld. For more guides, check out the rest of our coverage.

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