Zarya’s Overwatch Experimental buff lets her “goomba stomp” like Lucio

overwatch zarya on a super mario bros classic backround with logoBlizzard Entertainment, Nintendo

Overwatch’s Creator Experimental Patch has certainly shaken up the game’s meta, but it turns out it’s also allowed Zarya players to transform themselves into Lucio and goomba stomp the competition. 

Overwatch’s Creator Experimental Patch has certainly proven divisive among the game’s fanbase. While some players have been happily Orb of Discording random objects as Zenyatta, or testing out the new Doomfist buffs, others have fallen victim to Mei’s insane changes.

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One of the most controversial elements of the patch, however, has been a wild new buff to Brazilian support, Lucio. Now able to net kills by “goomba stomping” his opponents using his Sound Barrier ultimate, the healer has been raining chaos from above.

It turns out that he’s not the only one, as one player has realized that you can do the exact same thing with Russian tank, Zayra.

overwatch zarya with particle cannonBlizzard Entertainment
It turns out Zarya’s Particle Cannon can do more than just shield!

Overwatch Zarya buff lets her “goomba stomp”

As if watching the skies for flying Lucios wasn’t enough, one player has shown off how to replicate the Brazilian’s “goomba stomp” as Zarya.

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The Experimental Patch has removed the self-damage taken from her Particle Cannon’s secondary fire, meaning that you can now use the explosions to bounce around. With the knockback radius also being upped to 150%, the world’s strongest woman can go flying through the air with the grace of a ballet dancer.

Seen hopping across the spectacular temple that lies in the heart of Busan, the poor Reinhardt has absolutely no idea how to deal with this Tigger-like tank. When she eventually crashes back to earth, she lands on his head, instantly eliminating him.

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Of course, this has proven just as controversial as Lucio’s goomba stomp. “Nope. I don’t want another leaping hero, we have enough,” fumes one.

The vast majority of the comments, however, seem to be loving this change. “It’s a me a Zario,” jokes one fan, while another notes “yahoo! Here we go!”

A final comment discusses how the mechanic could be added in the actual game, writing “I really think they should keep this change but make it so it’s tied to the amount of charge in she has. More charge, more knock back, and more ability for her to use her rocket jump.”

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While we’d like to see some of these crazy changes implemented in the core game, we’ll have to wait and see what Blizzard decide to do. The devs have hinted at some of the adjustments being pushed live, though, so perhaps this “Zario” buff will make the cut.