Overwatch players want Doomfist’s Experimental ultimate buff to be permanent

doomfist overwatchBlizzard

The Overwatch Experimental Mode gave Doomfist a really good buff that players think should exist permanently on the live servers.

Doomfist has been a tricky character to balance. Though can take a beating and get into enemy backlines to delete low-health opponents or supports, he’s a squishier frontliner with more crowd control than sustained DPS.

The latest Experimental patch, which is directly influenced by popular streamers, threw in a small buff for Doomfist that the game’s larger community believes would be a great change for him.

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Blizzard shaved off almost the entire time it takes to land his Meteor Strike ultimate ability from one second to 0.05 seconds. In practice, this will make it that much harder for enemy teams to react to ground pound and give Doomfist an easier time to access high-priority targets.

The impact of such a change wasn’t lost on the general public who think this could make the high-mobility damage-dealer much more dangerous.

“It’s pretty much a guaranteed kill on any hero that is one-shotted,” one person said. “Maybe Tracer can blink, but you have to predict it ahead of time.”

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It’s important to note that these particular balance changes aren’t meant to have a direct funnel to the main game. Instead, this patch is meant to push the boundary and have a bit of fun.

Still, with how the character has been performing on the live servers, it’s an interesting avenue to explore and make the best part of his kit even better.

overwatch doomfistBlizzard
Doomfist is already a nightmare to pin down but he could use some help offensively.

“It’s a decent tradeoff for being literally invincible at the click of a button for 4 seconds,” another player explained. “Doom’s ult is one of the most versatile in the game. Can be used to engage, finish off a kill, get-out-of-jail-free card, etc. Doom himself is pretty s**t but I think his ult is underrated.”

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Though we might not see a 0.05 second Doomfist ultimate in the main game anytime soon, Blizzard are still experimenting with how to best tweak the hero for Overwatch 2.

It’ll be interesting to see if the patch inspires what could be possible for Doomfist in the Overwatch sequel should this change be a hit.

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