Overwatch fan proves Mei’s experimental patch buff is as OP as everyone thinks

Overwatch Mei Winter Event Experimental Patch Cryo Freeze Ability Damage OP Alt With Game Logo FinalBlizzard Entertainment

The latest experimental patch in Overwatch introduced some enormous changes, including a huge buff to one of Mei’s abilities, and fans are now convinced that the change is just as OP as everyone thought it would be.

Overwatch’s experimental patch sessions are often some of the most exciting times for the game, as they introduce absolutely mindboggling changes to shake up the meta and add some variety to the sandbox.

Blizzard added off-the-wall changes to pretty much every hero with the latest experimental update, inspired by the game’s top content creators, to spice things up a bit before Overwatch’s 2021 Christmas event.

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One of the most eye-popping changes was a massive buff to Mei’s Cryo-Freeze, transforming it from a support-based ability into a deadly wrecking ball of destruction — and one player has the community convinced that this tweak is the most overpowered change in the whole update.

Overwatch Mei Cryo Freeze Ability Defensive Healing Experimental Patch Change Damage BuffBlizzard Entertainment
Experimental changes to Mei’s Cryo-Freeze have turned the ability into an absolute menace.

In a clip shared to the game’s subreddit, the player in question showed off an impressive team wipe using Mei’s Cryo-Freeze — a sentence that would’ve made absolutely no sense at all prior to the experimental patch.

Using the improved ability, which allows Mei to deal 2,000 damage to enemies that she lands on when activating Cryo-Freeze, the fan completely decimated an enemy team by slamming down on them with Mei while she was totally encased in ice.

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The community had quite a strong reaction to the entertaining display. “They aren’t seriously considering keeping this?” one fan wondered, to which the poster replied, “It’s way too OP, but man is it fun to mess around with.”

“I feel like they could at least make it do some amount of damage,” another player remarked. “That way there’s some damage utility, but it’s not a game-changing ability.”

“Or maybe take away the healing effect and increase the cooldown if you keep the damage that high,” the player who pulled off the clip suggested, clearly enjoying Mei’s newfound crushing powers: “It’s so satisfying to squish people!”

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While most experimental patch ideas never make it into Overwatch’s official sandbox, some changes have been added to the full game in one form or another, so it’s possible Mei’s revamped Cryo-Freeze could become an official ability — just a little less OP than it is right now.