Lucio mains wreak havoc with Overwatch’s new Sound Barrier goomba stomp

Lucio stomps on a goomba from MarioBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s crazy new Experimental patch has given Lucio mains an incredible early Christmas gift: the ability to delete enemies by jumping on their heads with Sound Barrier. And the results have been amazing.

On November 30, Blizzard revealed a special Experimental card featuring a ton of whacky changes, such as giving Orisa a permanent Christmas hat for literally no reason at all.

But perhaps one of the best changes is one that gives Lucio players a lot more offensive tools by letting them deal quite a bit of damage with their Sound Barrier ultimate.

Normally, Lucio highlights are limited to booping foes off maps and wall-riding in places never thought possible, but this new ability gives them one more highlight to showcase on Reddit… literally.

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Lucio players dominate with new Sound Barrier ultimate

Previously, Lucio players had to watch as their teammates combo’d ultimates together, such as Graviton Surge and Dragon Strike or Earthshatter and Self-Destruct. Now, at long last, Lucio players can coordinate for some impressive team kills.

As shown by Twitch streamer Redshell, while on Lijang Tower, a friendly Zarya used Graviton Surge to lock enemies in place before they were EMP’d by a Sombra, making them even more vulnerable.

After wall-riding for some extra height, he dropped the beat right on their heads to secure a 3K to clutch a team fight.

“Please keep this in the game!” Redshell begged on Twitter, tagging the main Overwatch account in the process.

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Elsewhere, Reddit Lucios used this as their time to shine, showing off some impressive wall-riding and frog-like antics of their own. In one clip, uploaded by user NFB62, they jumped from multiple surfaces on Dorado before getting behind a Reinhardt shield and using Sound Barrier to eliminate two foes.

In another, a Lucio player decided to take on a pesky Widowmaker sniping from highground by themself, getting her out of a safety zone before jumping on her and unleashing a series of vicious teabags for good measure.

It’s unclear if Overwatch has any plans to keep this new Sound Barrier in the game, especially considering how its offensive nature contradicts the ultimate’s primary use: to give your team shields.

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Still, given the response, maybe we’ll see it implemented at some point down the line. Until then, be sure to try it out while you can.