Overwatch Experimental patch adds Zenyatta buff we didn’t know we needed

overwatch zenyatta on oasis gardens using orb of discord and harmonyBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s latest experimental patch has caused quite the stir, but a bizarre buff to Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord has to be one of its highlights.

When Blizzard announced that their next Overwatch Experimental patch was set to be designed by top streamers, the community knew that they were in for a good time.

With a new buff to Lucio allowing him to “goomba stomp” his opponents, and a change to Doomfist’s Meteor Strike ultimate proving particularly popular, the patch has turned the game on its head.

It turns out that the Brazilian support and Nigerian tank aren’t the only ones who have fans talking, though, as omnic monk turned healer, Zenyatta, has also received a fun new buff – even if it is entirely useless.

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overwatch zenyatta on temple of anubis with torbjornBlizzard Entertainment
Zenyatta is as peaceful as he is deadly.

Overwatch experimental patch buffs Zenyatta Discord Orb

As part of the new update, Zenyatta players will be able to send out their Orb of Discord and melt down some new targets – well, kind of.

One fan has discovered that the robotic pariah can now place his Orb of Discord the gondoliers on Rialto, the Harley Davidson-style motorbike on Junkertown, and the waiters and waitresses on Paris. Why? Well, why not?

There’s no real rhyme or reason to this sudden change, but it turns out that players are absolutely loving it. “I guess we can finally find out exactly how much health the bike has,” writes one, asking for a ” volunteer to count up all the little HP segments.”

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Another responds with a satirical “‘I don’t need this orb!’ – that waiter, probably,” while one commenter is reminded of “the time when you could get POTG by shooting the omnics on the boats.”

As players demand that some of these experimental changes are made a reality just like D.Va’s April Fool’s remech damage buff, we’ll have to see whether these poor NPCs will forever be plagued by Zenyatta’s particularly nasty curse. Either way, though, put some Fs in the chat for these unfortunate victims.