Genius Overwatch Lucio trick makes Oasis capture ridiculously easy

overwatch lucio on oasis gardens with logoBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch’s Lucio has become a staple support hero in many team comps, and this cheeky trick makes him perfect for capturing the point on Oasis Gardens. 

While he may be deceptively charming and full of playful banter, Brazilian support and DJ extraordinaire, Lucio, is one of Overwatch’s best heroes.

Coming into the new Creator Experimental Patch, the musical menace has been wreaking havoc using his new ‘goomba stomp,’ which allows him to eliminate players by dropping his Sound Barrier on their heads.

If you’re on Oasis City Center this insane ability can come in pretty handy, but there’s another trick on Gardens that’s allowing players to easily capture the point and completely baffle enemies in the process.

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overwatch lucioBlizzard Entertainment
You’ll have to keep your eyes on the skies because of Lucio’s new goomba stomp, but don’t forget your surroundings!

Lucio trick on Overwatch’s Oasis Gardens

Often Oasis Gardens can make or break a three-round series. The Arabian-inspired location is filled with nooks and crannies just begging to be exploited by tactical players, and that’s exactly what this Lucio player decided to do.

Zooming back onto the point using his Crossfade speed boost, the sneaky player heads straight into one of the main plaza’s corner bushes. From here, they activate the Brazilian bombshell’s “chilling” emote, sitting down, camouflaged by the leaves.

Happily vibing away, the battle continues to rage before him, yet even when the enemy team clear the point his presence means it remains contested. You can literally feel the confusion from here.

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Eventually, he is spotted, but this fun trick is the perfect way to stall out a game. Not only this, if you tell your allies where you’re planning on settling down for some much-needed chill time, they can stay within the radius of your Crossfade and keep healing and speeding away.

Additionally, according to several commenters, you won’t be penalized for lack of participation just like you would be on an Escort map.

So, next time you take to the spectacular sands of Overwatch’s Oasis, be sure to bring a Lucio with you that has the chilling emote. Your enemies won’t even see him coming – literally.

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