TikTok goes crazy over dramatic new Overwatch 2 voice lines for Hanzo, Genji, more

Alec Mullins
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Overwatch 2 is set to bring a whole lot of change to the universe. While new characters and a new game mode certainly lead the way, TikTok is obsessed with the fresh voice lines between all of the game’s most iconic characters as well. 

Overwatch was packed to the brim with interesting lore-based interactions between characters and it seems like its successor is going to keep that trend alive and well.

Building off the success of the first game, new OW2 footage from TikTok shows off an array of brand-new interactions, but there’s a big highlight on Hanzo and Genji and the nature of their brothers-turned-enemies relationship.

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TikTok users embrace new Overwatch 2 voice lines

At the top of the order for most fans, this exchange sheds some more light on where they stand with each other after their big-time fallout and subsequent reunion.

In it, Genji states that Hanzo cared far too much about how their family perceived him, which earns him a scathing response.

“Have you ever been the eldest son?” the archer asks.

Moira can also get involved in their feud. In a line separate from their brotherly bothering,  she tells Genji that she could have built him back better.  He rejects that idea, claiming she would have only made him a monster like her other projects.

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Some lighthearted additions also make the list, like Orisa asking Hanzo if he was dreaming about riding her into battle and calling him out for lying when he denies it.

Of course, fans are already eating it up.  One particularly worked-up user was over the moon with these new additions: “Oh hell yeah, I love this stuff.”

Another commenter joked that everyone’s favorite bow-and-arrow boy could use a little pick-me-up after his new lines.

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“Can someone get Hanzo some anti-depressants already?” they said.

These interactions join what’s already quite an extensive list, but there’s sure to be even more fun back-and-forths discovered before the game releases on October 4.

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