Hilarious Overwatch 2 bug has voice line spam reaching new levels

Jeremy Gan
Overwatch 2 sombra looking menacing

An Overwatch 2 bug has taken voice line spamming to new levels of annoying, letting players blast out the eardrums of anyone in the lobby regardless of which team you’re on.

Overwatch 2 Season 11 is finally here, and it brings with it a fair amount of new content. From a new limited-time game mode to Push getting some big additions with Runasapi and a newly reworked Colosseo, and there’s even Pink Mercy returning once again. It’s a jam-packed season, though not all has gone according to plan out of the gate.

With the new major update, a handful of bugs have slipped through the cracks, some more nefarious than others. Already in the new patch, players have found quite a hilarious bug, as voice line spamming can now be heard across the server, transcending team barriers.

Spotted by Twitch streamer Phyerx, she discovered that the new Kiriko voice line – which you can get in the Season 11 Battle Pass – “not good enough”, can be spammed and heard by everyone in the server, even if the spawn barriers aren’t down.

As it would turn out, it isn’t just Kiriko causing the issue. All new voice lines for every hero in Season 11 are affected by the bug, meaning you can distract your opponents (and also your teammates) anytime, from anywhere. As you can imagine, it’s led to an uptick in voice line spam.

In Phyerx’s clip, she showed her opponent’s point of view where we can see them being distracted by the mysterious voice line spam, to the point they were afraid to leave their spawn.

If you have a player in your lobby either abusing this bug, or voiceline spamming in general, you can mute all text and hero comms by going to the social channels, right-clicking on the player profile, and selecting the option.

As for when a fix for it is coming out, there’s no quite telling. Though at the time of writing voice lines in in the Battle Pass have been disabled as a temporary fix so players don’t completely take over lobbies.