Overwatch 2 player left baffled by Kiriko’s “rude” in-game voice lines

Michelle Cornelia
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One Overwatch 2 player has been left confused as to why Kiriko’s voice lines come off as “rude” despite her portrayal in the animated short.

Kiriko is one of the heroes added at the beginning of Overwatch 2, along with Junker Queen and Sojourn. While the community was excited to welcome the new support hero to the roster, it didn’t take too long before players started slamming how “broken” and “overpowered” she was.

But her abilities weren’t the only things players complained about. Other than the issue regarding her age not making sense, some players have also claimed that some of Kiriko’s voice lines are “annoying” and “obnoxious.”

Fast forward to the current season, it’s clear that this kind of take still stands for some players. In a Reddit thread, a user asked why Kiriko is “so rude” before explaining that many of her voice lines “come off as a d***.”

The OP explained that the hero is “super arrogant”, and her “charming” sass makes her seem like she’s constantly in a “state of annoyance.” The OP added that this contrasts her lore, which emphasizes her being a “super sweet girl who just wants to protect her home.”

“I don’t get it. I think they’ve tried to do some damage control by giving her a few nice ones recently, but still,” they mentioned.

Some players agreed with the OP in the comments, while others shared their thoughts about why the character comes off that way.

One person replied, “They want her to be like a brat, I think. But young people aren’t always like that.”

Regarding Kiriko’s personality, another user claimed that players have no idea how she “normally” behaves, aside from what is portrayed in the short.

overwatch 2 kiriko confused

They assumed that given that she has to bear the “pressure” of protecting her home, it’s likely that this caused her to be “tense all the time” and be “blunt with people.”

Another user said others don’t consider her “entirely fox-inspired and has a fox spirit.” They explained that Fox spirits in Japanese mythology are “insanely two-sided,” flip-flopping to switch personalities, even though they’re also “guardians and protectors.”

Other players were convinced that she was just a typical “average annoying teenager,” hence the attitude. Aside from these comments, some players pointed out that she does have some heartwarming interactions, like praising Lucio’s new album and complimenting Roadhog.

With players aware of voice line changes in the game, it’s likely that the character may receive some tweaks in the future.