Overwatch voice lines are so “poorly written” fans want the original dialogue back

Shane Black
Overwatch 2 Heroes coming at the cameraBlizzard

The Overwatch community is not happy with the current quality of the game’s voice lines, leading to many wanting the original game’s dialogue back.

Every hero in Overwatch is meant to have their own unique, charming personality that players can get attached to along with their abilities.

Much of this personality is expressed through the voice lines that they can say in-game during different situations.

However, the Overwatch community is not happy with the quality of voice lines in the second game, causing some to demand that the originals return.

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Overwatch fans are done with new voice lines

Overwatch 2 Season 8Blizzard

A recent post to the Overwatch subreddit asks why Blizzard removed so many voice lines? The poster explain how so many voice lines that were prominent in the first game seem to have disappeared in the second, while others seem to have stayed.

They seem to believe it’s due to the devs trying to differentiate the sequel from the original.

“I guess it could be because they had to ‘revamp’ the game for OW2, since I’ve noticed people commenting on how lots of heroes had personality changes from OW1, for example, Junkrat and Sigma becoming more silly/crazy and less intelligent/evil.”

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This justification for a sequel seems to be what most other Overwatch players believe as well, with one user saying, “My vote is the new OW employees had to make the game “their own’ and ‘the sequel’ like you said.”

The issue, however, is that the community largely views the new voice lines as being of a much lower quality than the original ones.

Many players point to total changes in character personalities, with one player pointing out how Mercy has seemingly become snarkier than she was before.

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It’s a common belief in the Overwatch community that the sequel really wasn’t much of anything new, and the devs just did small, inconsequential things to make it feel different enough.

“Because they were pretending this was a sequel at the time,” is one such example of this mindset in the thread.

Regardless, the Overwatch playerbase seems to view this as another example of meaningless change that lowers the game’s quality, enough that they want it to go back to what it was before.

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