Overwatch 2 players discover incredibly sus Japanese voice lines for Widowmaker

Ethan Dean
widowmaker in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players have just discovered a particular character’s Japanese voice lines that seem too raunchy to be a mistake. Maybe read this with the volume down.

Overwatch 2 has some of the most iconic characters in gaming inspiring fan art and cosplay galore. Running around in first-person, a character’s voice and their conversations become just as big a part of their identity as their appearance.

Blizzard has crammed some all-timers into Overwatch 2 from Torbjorn Torbin’ all over his enemies to Reinhardt’s incredulity at disarmament.

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With bangers like these, it’s hard to believe that Blizzard could get the Japanese voice lines for Widowmaker so… wrong? Though Twitch partner Phyerx isn’t so sure they got it wrong in the first place.

Without beating around the bush, Widowmaker’s Japanese damage cues sound like sex noises. Honestly, we’re not entirely convinced they aren’t.

Nor are the hundreds of commenters on Phyerx’s post. “They knew what they were doing,” one affirmed. “They 100% knew,” Phyerx agreed emphatically.

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Every time Widowmaker is hit by a projectile, she lets out a gasp of ecstasy that makes us feel strangely inadequate. We’re not saying for sure that it’s intentional though, that’s for everyone else to assume.

What’s even funnier about the situation is Phyerx discovering how many users were bookmarking her post. The streamer joked that more than 550 of her followers had outed themselves as “down bad”.

medusa ow2 skinBlizzard Entertainment
You do you queen.

You have to wonder if this phenomenon recurs across all of Overwatch 2’s female-identifying characters on the Japanese servers.

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We’re not about to go looking but we salute any intrepid internet scholars prepared to embark on this brave quest for knowledge.

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