Overwatch 2 players enraged by outrageous role queue times in second beta

Overwatch 2 role queueBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players are growing increasingly frustrated with the long role queue times to even find a match as the second beta continues.

The second Overwatch 2 beta is in full-swing and while there have been plenty to get excited about with the new Junker Queen hero and new voice lines, there are other things upsetting the community.

From Mercy and Symmetra’s changes to annoying bugs, the player base has been very vocal with its criticism and there may be nothing more criticized than the role queue times, which may also be factoring into dwindling Twitch viewership.

As this problem persists, players are asking Blizzard to do something about the long queue times bothering the community.

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Overwatch community fed up by long role queue times

Across Twitter and the official Blizzard forums, players have been voicing their displeasure at waiting 10+ minutes to find a match when queuing as DPS or tank.

“Mad respect to the Overwatch 2 players who wait 10+ mins in queue for tank only to play Roadhog,” Twitch streamer Frogger wrote.

Others claimed that half of their Overwatch 2 playtime was spent waiting in queues, leaving them struggling to try out the new Junker Queen hero.

On the official forums, a user spawned a popular thread claiming to have waited 20 minutes for a match.

“Can we finally admit that role queue was a mistake?” they asked.

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So far, the developers have not commented on a fix for this or if they have one in the works. In any case, as Overwatch 2 inches closer to its October 4 release, it might be something Blizzard looks into, especially if players can’t even try out the game in beta.