Overwatch 2 players praise “heartbreaking” new voice line interactions in beta

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Some Overwatch 2 players are using the second beta period to explore new character interaction voice lines and many of them are quite touching.

The second Overwatch 2 beta period is in full swing and players are diving in to experience everything added since the first beta ended in May 2022.

Though many players focused on trying out the new Tank hero Junker Queen, others are taking a step back to check out the game’s new lore.

Now, players are posting samples of the new character interactions added between heroes, and many voice lines between everyone’s favorite heroes are surprisingly sad.

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New Overwatch 2 voice lines are “heartbreaking”

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Many of Overwatch’s heroes are connected in the game’s lore, like Ana and Reinhardt.

Reddit user ‘Joy_ow’ posted to the Overwatch subreddit showing new “heartbreaking” voiced interactions between heroes like Winston and Hammond, Ana and Pharah, and Zenyatta and Reaper.

For example, the final clip shows Winston and Hammond interacting, with Winston wondering where their friendship “went wrong” as a surprisingly bitter Hammond tells Winston when he “stole his rocket design” and “left for earth without him.”

Players filled the replies with comments praising the new lore. “That Winston and Hammond one… Hammond must’ve felt so betrayed when Winston left without him…”

Another interaction highlights two characters who are related: Ana and Pharah, being mother and daughter.

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Fans familiar with Overwatch’s lore will remember Ana faked her death before the events of Overwatch took place, which strained Pharah’s relationship with her mother.

This new interaction shows their relationship is not fully patched up yet, as Pharah chastises her mother for “still hiding” before asking her when she will come back for good, as Ana pleads for her daughter to “be patient with her.”

Another shockingly sweet interaction comes from Zenyatta and Reaper’s new interaction, as Zenyatta chides Reaper for squandering his “second chance at life” by living alone.

Reaper responds by telling the Omnic “No one cares,” before Zenyatta drops a heavy bit of wisdom: “Someone always cares. You must simply seek them out.”

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