Brilliant Overwatch trick lets Sombra stall objectives for nearly 20 seconds

Connor Knudsen
sombra overwatch
Activision Blizzard

Stalling an objective in Overwatch can always be a challenge, but with this Sombra trick players will easily be able to delay long enough for teammates to return and join the fight.

Overwatch’s resident hacker is one of the trickiest heroes to play in the game due to her unique kit and playstyle.

It especially becomes difficult when she is forced to retake or stall an objective, as she specializes in quick, succinct attacks.

But, this brilliant trick allows the hacker to stall objectives for almost 20 seconds, using her kit to the user’s advantage.

Sombra gameplay
Activision Blizzard
Sombra is always a threat while invisible, and can be a nuisance to deal with.

In a recent video from Overwatch content creator, KarQ, he walks through some obscure tech for several of the game’s heroes.

During the clip, he outlines a multi-step stalling technique for Sombra that players can use to delay Overtime and allow their teammates to get back to point. The stall, in total, buys about 18 seconds of time.

How to stall an objective with Sombra

  1. Be in a safe position to stall, while still being close to the objective
  2. Place Sombr’a Translocator down with plenty of time for it to come off cooldown
  3. Touch the point at the last possible moment
  4. Go back to your original Translocator and immediately throw another one down
  5. Touch the point again, and translocate out
  6. Wait for your Translocator to come off cooldown and throw it again
  7. Touch the point and translocate out
  8. Immediately use stealth and run back on point
  9. Disengage stealth and throw your Translocator off point
  10. Translocate and immediately run back to touch the point

(The clip begins at 7:58 for mobile users)

Doing this should buy plenty of time for your team to return on just about any objective-based map.

The example in the video used Illios, a Control Map, but the same principle can apply on Payload, Hybrid, or Assault maps as long as you have a safe, out-of-reach place to translocate to.

Enjoy this tech while it lasts, as Sombra already appears to have a lot of changes coming in Overwatch 2, so there is no guarantee the hacker will be able to perform this in the sequel.

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