Simple Kiriko trick lets Overwatch 2 support hero block headshot damage

Kiriko headshot trick in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players have discovered a very powerful trick with Kiriko that lets the sneaky support hero block headshot damage coming her way without the use of Protection Suzu.

Kiriko is the newest Overwatch hero, and she’s already proven herself to be quite meta at the highest levels of play thanks to her strong kit and game-changing ultimate – but that’s not all.

The support hero may have just 200 HP to work with, but an incredibly simple trick can let her block incoming damage aimed at her face, even further increasing her chances of surviving.

Twitch streamer Flats exposed this trick on Twitter, showcasing how by simply looking up with Kiriko, she can negate shots from Widowmaker or Hanzo that would have killed her. No Protection Suzu required!

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Kiriko just got even more powerful in Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 trick lets Kiriko survive headshots

On the Widowmaker, Flats noted how Kiriko’s model is able to block damage, and it seems to be because her arm covers her head.

After a few tries, eventually, the streamer was able to kill the Kiriko, but the positioning needs to be perfect for it to happen.

“I need to really get behind you and shoot the back of your head from an angle!” he explained. “That’s crazy. Holy f**k!”

Of course, finding that perfect shot as Widowmaker is going to be a lot more difficult in an actual game compared to Kiriko just having to look up to block the shot, and the same can apply for any hero with the ability to headshot.

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Overwatch 2’s big mid-season patch was delayed on November 15 and there’s no indication that the devs have any plan to fix Kiriko’s headshot negating trick for the time being.

We’ll have to wait and see if Blizzard ends up removing this from the game in a future update, or when Season 2 begins with the release of the new hero Ramattra on December 6.

Until then, if you’re playing Kiriko, be sure to take advantage of this trick to make yourself even more of a threat on the battlefield.