Overwatch’s new Widowmaker skin is enchanting fans everywhere

Blizzard Entertainment

Femme fatale and sniper extraordinaire, Widowmaker, has become the main villain Overwatch, but her new Ange de le Mort skin has ensnared fans all across the globe. 

If you picture Overwatch, you likely see spunky English do-gooder Tracer facing off against the blue-skinned beauty, Widowmaker. The Talon villainess has become somewhat of a cult figure, with fans who fancy the allure of the dark side gravitating towards her.

This sinister aura has always dominated the way that Blizzard design her cosmetics, and the new Overwatch League June Joust skin is no exception to the rule.

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Cloaked in shadow and shrouded in mystery, the Ange de la Mort skin has stunned fans everywhere, and they want more like it.

Overwatch League Ange De la Mort Widowmaker skinBlizzard Entertainment
Decked out in torn black clothing, Widowmaker is here to slay.

Fans love Overwatch’s new Widowmaker skin

There’s a lot of things about this Widowmaker skin that fans are loving, but the skin’s moody aesthetic is what’s taken most people’s breaths away.

“I’m awful at Widow and I’m still considering getting this. Great skin,” writes one Reddit user on a discussion about the skin. Another echoed this by writing “it’s going to be my new main Widow skin for sure.”

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Several fans note that the skin reminds them of characters from other games, with the top comment making reference to Pokemon’s ghostly Banette. “She looks like a Banette and that’s fine with me”

Another was reminded of Blizzard’s sister title, World of Warcraft, noting that the outfit is similar to “a WoW deathknight wearing cloth.”

Overwatch Widowmaker June Joust skinBlizzard Entertainment
The concept art for Widowmaker’s new skin is also pretty creepy!

As the Overwatch League continues to drop new skins each month, it’ll be interesting to see what comes next.

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While a lot of players are desperate to cop the Ange de la Mort, one of the main complaints about the skin is the fact that it is yet another Widowmaker skin, making it the third one so far this year.

Will that elusive Symmetra skin be part of OWL’s ongoing series? We’ll have to wait and see, but until then you’d best be careful. The angel of death has come to Overwatch, and she’s out for blood.

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