How to unlock Ange De La Mort Widowmaker Overwatch skin during June Joust

Overwatch League Ange De la Mort Widowmaker skinBlizzard Entertainment

A brand new Overwatch Ange De La Mort Widowmaker skin has been revealed as part of the Overwatch League June Joust event. Here’s how you can grab it before it’s gone.

No different from previous months, Blizzard has crafted a special cosmetic to celebrate the latest Overwatch League tournament. This time around, it’s Widowmaker who received the competitive makeover.

The new Ange De La Mort skin, otherwise known as her ‘Angel of Death’ costume, was designed to honor the world’s most accurate sharpshooters. To celebrate the 1v1 Widowmaker tournament on June 12, players around the world are able to nab this exclusive skin.

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It won’t be around forever though so be sure to get in quick. Here’s everything you need to know to unlock the latest cosmetic.

How to unlock the Ange De La Mort Widowmaker skin

In line with other OWL items, earning the Ange De La Mort Widowmaker skin couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is purchase it through the in-game store for 200 Tokens.

It’s available right now but serves as yet another limited-time unlock. The fresh Widowmaker design will be gone from the store on June 21.

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There’s no telling how long it might be until it’s back in rotation, if it’s ever available again.

How to earn Overwatch League Tokens

Earning Overwatch League tokens couldn’t be easier.

In order to buy the new Widowmaker skin, you’ll need 200 Overwatch League Tokens. To earn this unique currency, your account must be linked with your YouTube account.

This can be done in the ‘Connected Apps’ section of your YouTube settings. Here’s a complete rundown on how to merge your accounts.

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When everything is set up, the rest of your job is easy. Just kick back and watch a few hours of the June Joust event to see the Tokens piling up.

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