Overwatch unveils legendary Ice Wraith Genji skin for 2021 Winter Wonderland event

Ice Wraith Genji skinBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch has revealed the latest new skin for the 2021 Winter Wonderland event in the form of ‘Ice Wraith Genji’ and it looks quite “cool,” to say the least.

The cyborg ninja Genji has some of the sickest skins in Overwatch and this new event is giving him yet another.

On December 15, the official Overwatch social media accounts revealed Ice Wraith Genji ahead of the event, scheduled to begin on December 16.

The skin features the hero covered in razor-sharp ice, with icicles coming out of his armored arms, legs knees, hands, and shoulders.

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To make things even nuttier, his iconic shurikens seem to be in the shape of snowflakes with sharp edges, which is a nice touch to his main weaponry.

Additionally, his sword also appears to be made of ice, keeping with the whole theme. It’s unclear, however, if there will be any other effects unique to the skin when players activate the Dragon Blade ultimate.

Genji and HanzoBlizzard
Genji has some incredible skins.

Due to the skin’s legendary status, it will set players back 3000 coins if they want to purchase it outright, but otherwise, you can always try your luck at scoring one in a loot box.

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Be sure to try to add Ice Wraith Genji to your skin collection when it drops on December 16 with the Winter Wonderland event eventually concluding on January 6.

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