Overwatch unveils Doomfist San Francisco Shock Championship skin

Bill Cooney

Blizzard has unveiled a brand new Doomfist skin to celebrate the San Francisco Shock winning the 2019 Overwatch League Championship.

Apparently, the new skin was first shown to Shock players at BlizzCon 2019, but everyone not working for the team or the League got their first look at it on March 24.

‘Thunder Doomfist” is the name of the new cosmetic, and it looks just as awesome as San Francisco’s championship run was to watch.

“Thunder” is a sort of shockwave, which could explain where designers got the name from.

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Thunder Doomfist is only available to unlock for a limited time from March 26 to April 9 for 200 League Tokens, so if you want to pick up the skin you’d better make sure you have enough saved up before it’s too late.

The bad news is that the Overwatch League no longer offers free Tokens to players for watching matches since moving to YouTube, so you’ll either have to have some saved up from Season 2 or buy some directly.

“The biggest inspiration for this skin was to create some kind of supernatural, elemental being, with a theme of volcanic chaos,” Overwatch senior concept artist, David Kang, said in an OWL interview. “He’s molten lava inside a rock body, and we added a bit of championship feel with some gold and obsidian for his gauntlet.”

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Kang said that Shock players didn’t have too many requests for the skin, other than to make it as “badass” as possible, which they definitely did, but only after pulling a fast one on them.

Apparently, before revealing Thunder Doomfist to Grant “Moth” Espe, Jay “Sinatraa” Won, and Matthew “Super” DeLisi at BlizzCon, they were first shown a poorly Photoshopped Orisa skin concept that almost made Sinatraa shed a tear.

“His face was like a demon, like we’re the villains of the league or something,” he said. “I’m sure everybody in the league wants to beat us at this point, so I relate to it that way.”

Sinatraa was the 2019 OWL MVP, and has his own exclusive skin on the way.

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Speaking of Sinatraa, the Shock star will be receiving his own custom skin as well, one of the many perks of winning the 2019 OWL Most Valuable Player award.

We know that the skin will be for Zarya, but other than that, we don’t know much about what the MVP skin will look like just yet.

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