Overwatch 2 players disappointed with “low-effort” Zarya OWL skins

Andrew Highton
zarya posing in overwatch 2

To celebrate the Overwatch League, special Overwatch 2 skins were released for its Heroes. However, whereas some have been praised, others, such as Zarya’s, have been described as “terrible” and “low effort.”

The Overwatch League continues to be one of the esports industry’s biggest schedules. Right now, the 2023 Overwatch 2 World Cup is currently underway, four years after the last incarnation. Fans all around the world can’t get enough of the OWL and Blizzard gave fans the chance to honor their favorite teams.

As a result, heralded Heroes such as Bastion gained additional OWL skins. A lot of them are loved and equipped for combat, but others have not been as lucky, according to fans. A recent comparison has been drawn between the aforementioned Bastion and Zarya, and the difference is quite startling.

OWL Zarya skins haven’t gone done well with Overwatch 2 players

In the Overwatch 2 subreddit, user Steggoman made a point to the community that some Heroes have been given less love than others.

“Haven’t seen this be mentioned, but Zarya has the absolute worst Overwatch 2 League Skins. I cannot believe this is how they are intended to look, and if it is, the design is terrible,” they said.

To highlight their point, they found the same skin for Zarya and Bastion and discussed them. They explained that “you can instantly make out each color’s team” with Bastion, but “you can barely tell the difference between the teams” with Zarya’s.

It wasn’t long before the comments agreeing with the OP flooded in: “Thank you! I’m a Zarya main and was extremely disappointed the moment I saw this. Low effort at best,” one user said.

Other players noted that Zarya in general is not well looked after. “She has the worst skins overall, not just the OWL skins,” claimed one user, and another added: “Zarya has always had just awful skins compared to others. The only good one she’s ever gotten was Barbarian which came from a lootbox update, not even an event skin.”

Again, it’s unclear if this is a design fault, or the actual intended outcome for Zarya’s alternate skins. We’ll have to wait and see if this potentially gets addressed in the future. Meanwhile, fans of Overwatch 2 have also been clamoring for the return of the Pink Mercy skin.

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