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Overwatch League records: longest match, most final blows, more

Published: 7/May/2020 8:52 Updated: 7/May/2020 10:10

by Andrew Amos


The Overwatch League might only be a couple of years old, but there’s plenty of memorable moments to reflect on.

The Overwatch League took the game’s esports scene to the next-level. With city-based franchises and homestands across the world, Overwatch’s premier division revolutionized the way people saw esports.

While the game might not have an illustrious history compared to League of Legends or Counter-Strike, it’s still got plenty of stories to tell. In the game’s five years of existence ⁠– and the league’s three ⁠– plenty of heroes have made legendary tales for themselves.

Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment
The London Spitfire were the inaugural Overwatch League champions.

We’ve done some digging to compile the numbers behind your favorite Overwatch League players, and celebrate the game’s biggest achievements, with this pro play records feature. From the longest games ever, to the most deadly players, we’ve got you covered.


Fastest attack ⁠– 15 seconds (London Spitfire vs Washington Justice, Dorado, 2020)

Let’s start things off with a quick taste of the Overwatch League. And by quick, it’s meant in the literal sense of the word. The London Spitfire demolished the Washington Justice in just 15 seconds on their Dorado attack in the 2020 season.

After holding the Justice back in spawn on their defense, giving up just 4.31m of distance, the Spitfire waltzed out of the doors on their own attack to make up the gap in 15 seconds. The Justice hardly put up a fight as the Season 1 champions ran over them.

If you are taking full map attacks into account though, the record lays with the Seoul Dynasty. Their 1:22 attack on Hanamura is the quickest in the league’s history for a full map, giving themselves a massive time bank to eventually whittle down Dallas back in 2018.


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Longest map ⁠– Los Angeles Valiant vs Dallas Fuel (8-7 on Junkertown, 34:17, 2018)

For the longest map in Overwatch League history, we’re taking a trip down memory lane. Just three days into the Overwatch League’s inaugural season, the record for the longest map in history was set ⁠– and it’s yet to be toppled.

The Junkertown slogfest between the Los Angeles Valiant and the Dallas Fuel didn’t just go into one round of overtime, but two rounds. Both teams completed full caps of the Australian-set Escort map twice, before the Valiant eventually edged ahead on their third attack.

The Fuel were unable to match the effort with only one minute on the clock, falling a point and some meters short of the Valiant’s final attack. 34 minutes after the map started, it was finally over. Some Overwatch League matches have been completed in that amount of time, period.


Longest match ⁠– Boston Uprising vs Houston Outlaws (3-2, 7 maps, 2020)

If a 34-minute thriller isn’t enough Overwatch for you, how does seven maps of that sound? Three hours of back-to-back Overwatch? If that’s up your alley, then you need to go back and rewatch Boston Uprising’s clash against the Houston Outlaws from earlier in the 2020 season.

The shift to a first-to-three format opened up the opportunity for games to run for seven maps. No less than a couple weeks into the season, the Uprising and Outlaws did that, tying on Anubis and Blizzard World, and trading every map pick in between.

The series is the longest in regular season history, tying the record set by the Titans and Shock in 2019’s Stage 1 Final.


A special mention must go out to RunAway and KongDoo Panthera back in Contenders 2018 Season 2 Korea. The Grand Final for the most prestigious tier-two region went for eight maps, including premature confetti, a broken trophy, and three hours of intense Overwatch. If you’re a Shanghai Dragons fan, or the old Vancouver roster, the game is a must-watch.

Most final blows in Overwatch League ⁠– Lee ‘Carpe’ Jae-hyeok (4,097)

There are very few players that can match Carpe in the Overwatch League. The Philadelphia Fusion veteran has been there since the inaugural season, clicking heads on Widowmaker and McCree.

The Korean DPS star is the only person in Overwatch League history to crest 4,000 final blows, making him the most lethal player in any server he enters.


No matter what form his team is in, Carpe has always found himself making montage-worthy plays on any hitscan hero with his incredible aim and game sense to find picks from seemingly nowhere.

Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment
Carpe is Overwatch League’s most lethal DPS.

His record is unlikely to be touched any time soon. Only three other players have even crested 3,000 final blows ⁠– Park ‘Profit’ Joon-yeong (3,533), Kim ‘Libero’ Hae-seong (3,076), and Kwon ‘Striker’ Nam-joo (3,027) ⁠– and every game Carpe plays, the gap widens.

While he doesn’t have a trophy or MVP medal to his name, Carpe can hold his head high knowing that when he loads into every game, he will win that 1v1, no matter the circumstances.

Most final blows in one match ⁠— Ha ‘sayaplayer’ Jung-woo vs Los Angeles Valiant (42 on Junkertown, 2019)

We’ve all had pop off moments, but sayaplayer didn’t just pop off ⁠– it looked like he was straight up hacking. Against the Los Angeles Valiant in 2019, sayaplayer racked up 42 final blows in what’s still the most lethal individual performance in the Overwatch League.

He was the star of Florida’s pirate ship on Junkertown, racking up kills on Bastion as they pushed the cart forward. However, when he needed to swap onto something with more mobility ⁠– like Widowmaker ⁠– he kept the killing going.

Not only did Sayaplayer have 42 final blows, but he had 60 eliminations, meaning he was finishing off what he started most of the time. While it’s not the all-time record for the number of eliminations in a single map ⁠– that goes to Kim ‘GodsB’ Kyeong-bo and Gang ‘GangNamJin’ Nam-jin on 65 ⁠– it’s right up there.

He also almost completed a Fleta deadlift in that same map. He got 92.3% of the way to getting half of his team’s eliminations on that single map. It was one hell of a carry, although it wasn’t enough to net Florida the win, losing the map 5-4 and the series 2-1.

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Longest winning streak ⁠– San Francisco Shock (28 maps, 2019)

The San Francisco Shock had a 2019 to remember. As Jay ‘sinatraa’ Won claimed Season MVP, they appeared in every Stage playoffs final, and won one of them. They claimed second place in the regular season, before one-upping that in the Grand Final to claim their first title.

On this miraculous run, they won every map they played in Stage 2’s regular season, clean sweeping seven teams to set a 28-0 record heading into playoffs.

While it didn’t run all the way into playoffs, losing a map to Shanghai in the quarter-finals, it’s still by far the best string of games any team has produced.

San Francisco Shock celebrating OWL 2019 Stage 2 win
Ben Pursell for Blizzard Entertainment
San Francisco Shock won Stage 2 of OWL 2019 with a 39-3 record.

In the whole of Stage 2, they had a record of 39-3 ⁠– still to this day the best win-loss in Overwatch League history. Their streak will take some incredible form to topple.

Most played hero ⁠– D.Va (74.5% usage)

D.Va has featured in basically every meta that has seen the light of day in the Overwatch League. While she might not have found her way into double shield, from Dive, to GOATS, to Moth Meta, D.Va was a hallmark of all these compositions.

Blizzard Entertainment
D.Va is the most used hero in Overwatch League history.

Players who specialize in D.Va are rewarded for mastering the Korean MEKA handler, getting a bunch of play time on stage. D.Va has featured in 74.5% of all game time in the Overwatch League, often mirrored across teams.

Zenyatta is the most played support with 62.3% game time, while Tracer is the most played Damage character with 28.2%. Funnily enough, all GOATS heroes feature in the top 10 as well, showing just how dominant that meta was.

Most played map ⁠– Ilios (199 games played)

While King’s Row might be the first map that pops into your head when you think of the Overwatch League, it’s not the most played. That honor goes to control map Ilios, which has featured in 199 games.

Blizzard Entertainment
Ilios is the most picked map in OWL history.

This is partly because of how Season 1 and 2 were formatted. Control maps were used as tiebreakers, meaning they have inflated numbers across the board. If you exclude them, King’s Row does come in second with 169 games.

Dorado is the most played payload map at 153 games, while Temple of Anubis remains the most popular assault map with 148 appearances.

Has a record we’ve recorded been broken? Let us know on Twitter @Dexerto, and we will update the list.