Blizzard reveals new Overwatch 2 OWL team skins set to replace original designs


Overwatch League team skins are set to be replaced in Overwatch 2 with new designs arriving soon, replacing the five-year-old designs which were still in use. 

Overwatch gives OWL fans many ways to rep their favorite teams, from profile pictures, sprays, and weapon charms, options are plentiful. But one of the longest-standing ways fans have been able to show their love was through the team skins directly. 

Donning the home or away skin of the LA Gladiators or Dallas Fuel is not unlike traditional sports fans wearing a Barcelona F.C jersey. But whereas those are revamped every year, OWL skins have stayed stagnant forever since the inception of the League in 2018.

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OWL team skins have remained the same since their introduction, still using the original character designs with a color swap, even in Overwatch 2 with its update visuals. The designs, as many point out, were quite clunky and the color swaps garish, and it needed to be revamped for the upcoming season. Now, Blizzard has finally listened to fans.

Blizzard has announced that OWL team skins are getting a new look for the 2023 Season. But all the original team skins, home and away, will be available for purchase in the Overwatch store until March 7. 

The change was most likely due to the Philadelphia Fusion rebranding to the Seoul Infernal. And the switch meant a whole new look for the team, meaning they would need new in-game team skins. 

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But of course, the switch also means the Fusion’s, now Infernal’s, orange and white team skins, which can still be purchased, will no longer be used in OWL. 

As of now, Blizzard has not revealed what the new team skins will look like, but it is safe to say they will be based on Overwatch 2’s redesigns of each respective heroes.