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Overwatch Echo art reveals scrapped alternate look and abilities

Published: 24/Mar/2020 4:59

by Brad Norton


While Echo appears to be one of the most powerful additions to the Overwatch lineup in years, the hero could have been even more devastating based on these early designs.

As Blizzard gears up for the release of Overwatch 2, Echo appears to be the final new hero that fans will be able to experience for a good while.

With her jaw-dropping Ultimate and abilities, she’s certainly a force to be reckoned with, and could become a staple inclusion across the board. Despite how powerful she appears, it turns out she could have been far more devastating. Early designs have unveiled a few abilities that didn’t quite make the cut.

Blizzard Entertainment
Echo’s original designs reveal just how different the character could have looked.

Unveiled on March 20, Echo is the latest Damage-based hero and drops into battle with a shockingly unique set of abilities. From a duplicating Ultimate that mimics other heroes, to a powerful Focusing Beam and even the option to fly in and out of combat, Echo could be an instant-lock moving forward.

However, while the hero has remained similar in design throughout the years in development, Echo once came equipped with a few abilities that may have pushed her beyond the realm of being fair and balanced.

Prominent community member ‘OverwatchNaeri’ shared a few early looks at the character in a March 23 Tweet, following on from a March 22 Stylosa video that showcased a wide array of functions and mechanics that didn’t quite make it through to the final version that we see today.

The hero also appeared in many different forms throughout her development, ranging from an entirely Omnic design to a more humane facial design.

An early look at Echo’s many different looks.

Under the ‘attack ideation’ concept art, we get a glimpse of how the character was put together and which abilities were eventually scrapped.

From a Mega Man-esque Arm Cannon to fluid wings that could launch deadly projectiles, Echo’s entire kit could have been completely different.

Additionally, other concepts saw the hero phasing into multiple forms through an ‘echo image,’ while her wings came into play once again with the ‘wing boomerang’ projectile.

One of the more notable aspects of the early concept art, is that her Focusing Beam seems to have made it through to her current loadout. Rather than projecting the laser from her face, however, she currently charges the beam with her hands.

Echo’s earlier abilities may have made the character too powerful.

The early look at the character also unveiled five different ways that Echo’s ult could have come across in-game had Blizzard not settled on her current design.

‘Wing Scanner’ would have seen the hero transform into another character while wings panned down from head to toe. Meanwhile, the ‘Wing Wrap’ would have seen Echo transform into a cocoon of sorts and be reborn as a new hero.

The ‘Limb Transform’ animation would have harnessed her Omnic ways and disassembled each limb while rebuilding into a brand new hero. 

Perhaps these ideas were too challenging to implement in-game, or maybe the devs simply preferred the quick, efficient ‘Digitize’ concept we see today.

Echo’s Ultimate once looked completely different.

Originally a Support hero, these abilities could have been fit for a character in that role, but may have proved too powerful for the Damage build. 

As players familiarize themselves with Echo, the state of Overwatch could be thrown completely for a loop as strategies go out the window and the new hero shines until the release of Overwatch 2.


Overwatch champ Super helps Jimmy Fallon create “cringe” gamer name

Published: 27/Oct/2020 18:32

by Michael Gwilliam


Back-to-back Overwatch League champion Matthew ‘Super’ DeLisi was on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and helped the host come up with his own gamer tag.

During the October 26 interview, Fallon asked the San Francisco Shock main tank how he came up with his gamertag with the intention of creating his own.

As Super explained, back when he was a kid, he asked his brother to create an account for him. The name his brother came up with, for whatever reason, was Super7100 and he kept that for awhile.

“At some point I just decided the numbers looked stupid, so I cut off the numbers and then I was just stuck with Super,” he explained. “And I just kept it.”

Super competing at an OWL event
Robert Paul/Blizzard Entertainment
Super won two Overwatch League championships.

To this, Fallon inquired about any possible formulas for coming up with a name in a segment that Super would later call “cringe” when he rewatched the interview on Twitch.

“How could I come up with my gamer name?” Fallon asked.

“You can find inspiration from literally anything,” DeLisi said, prompting Fallon to pick up his miniature of the Empire State Building.

“I could be Empire,” suggested Fallon. “Or, this is the Statue of Liberty,” he continued, picking up another model. “That’s an old thermometer. Maybe… Old Thermometer. That’s my gamer name.”

“If you’re feeling it, that’s all you,” replied Super who let out an awkward laugh.

“Jimmy ‘Old Thermometer’ Fallon,” he remarked. “And a come from behind win for Old Thermometer!”

Super on Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon came up with an awkward gamer tag with Super.

Interestingly, this isn’t Super’s first time on Jimmy Fallon as the Shock player first went on the show back in 2019 with his former teammate Jay ‘Sinatraa’ Won.

Whether Super is back for a third time may come down to if the Shock can win a third championship in season four of the Overwatch League having just won consecutive titles.