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Overwatch players demand fix for broken team chat on console

Published: 28/Jun/2020 19:38

by Theo Salaun


For a couple of months, Xbox One and PS4 Overwatch players have been complaining that team chat is bugged—but Blizzard has yet to address an incoming fix.

While Overwatch had practically set the gold standard for in-game voice chat among console’s competitive games, its community has been relegated to dealing with the inability to consistently join team chat. This is unideal, to put it lightly, for a game so dependent on teamwork.

junkrat overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
Junkrat may not be listening, but communicating about ultimates is critical for teams in Overwatch.

Console players are used to prioritizing Xbox or PS4’s party chat services instead of their in-game counterparts since games like Call of Duty and Apex Legends often suffer from chat fuzziness and frequent breaks for loading screens. In CoD for example, the only real reason to use game chat is because you want to hear reactions when you kill people or you’re playing with friends on different systems.

Overwatch’s chat, meanwhile, was perfect. Players weren’t dismayed by the absence of a text chat like their PC counterparts had access to (or a pinging system that Apex and Warzone counterparts have access to) because their voice chat was clear and would only cut out for a few seconds at a time, either when loading a map or switching to and from team chat. Unfortunately, that switch is now a complete gamble.

It’s a situation that console players have been annoyed by, but come to terms with. When your group switches from group to team chat, either one or multiple players will be stuck in limbo—technically their screen tells them they’re in team chat, but they can’t hear or speak to anybody.

The community has come up with solutions, usually involving some combination of leaving team chat, rejoining it, or doing the same with your console’s microphone settings. Sometimes you just have to wait with team chat selected, only for the game to finally enable communication midway through the match (which is often too late for a formerly muted team to make a comeback).

As of yet, Blizzard has barely responded to this situation and most responses came back in April when the concern was first raised following the Echo patch. In their most comprehensive reply, Technical Forum Agent ‘Drakuroth’ explained that the team was “looking over the problem.”

console overwatch team chat
Blizzard Forums
Blizzard’s official response to the team chat bug across console.

Over two months later, team chat is still bugged. 

The console playerbase has settled on trying an array of tedious Reddit workarounds, but the developers owe it to their community to, at the very least, update how long it will be until this simple aspect of the user experience is fixed.


Overwatch player shows advantage of “confirm Duplication” as Echo

Published: 29/Oct/2020 16:43

by Michael Gwilliam


Overwatch’s newest hero Echo has proven to be a very complex yet powerful character since her debut. Now, players are finding new ways to take advantage of the Duplicate ultimate, primarily its “confirm” function.

Because Echo has the ability to transform into any enemy hero on the battlefield, assuming they’re alive, there’s always a chance that in the heat of the moment, players Duplicate a hero they didn’t intend on copying.

This can be a real pain, because there are some heroes that are much better Duplicate prospects than others. However, the confirm Duplication option can ensure no mistakes are made.

There are other benefits to having the confirm option on too, such as being able to get in a much better position when the actual Duplicate is initiated.

Echo using Focusing Beam
Blizzard Entertainment
Echo has a lot of tools to be a pain for enemy teams.

As Redditor Hard-Light_Hackerman shows, by selecting the Symmetra as a target and then flying towards the Rialto high ground, they’re able to put themselves in a prime position to get the most out of the ultimate.

Once on the high ground and out of the enemy’s line of sight, they’re able to place down multiple turrets and a teleporter to tele-bomb the opponent’s backline and become a massive threat.

Right away, they’re able to take down both of the enemy supports and build up Symmetra’s Photon Barrier to protect themselves while continuing to pressure the tanks and Hanzo.

Why the Confirm Duplication option is superior. from Overwatch

Overall, the play itself is extremely well done and results in five kills going the way of the Echo player and the payload reaching the first checkpoint.

Had the confirm Duplication option been off, then it’s possible that Symmetra would never have been able to begin the attack on the high ground and not be anywhere near as effective.

If you enjoy playing Echo or are thinking of maining her, be sure to change your settings to have confirm Duplication on to ensure that you’re copying the right hero and that you can make use of Echo’s mobility before transforming.