Overwatch loot boxes are being ruined by a black screen glitch and it’s terrible

Lauren Bergin
Overwatch loot crate bug
Blizzard Entertainment

Loot boxes are one of the easiest ways to score some cool new gear in Overwatch. However, after the most recent patch, they’re not working quite as intended.

For many Overwatch fans, opening loot boxes is one of the most exciting things in-game. Every time your player or endorsement levels increase, one of the iconic silver chests is dropped into your account free of charge.

Additionally, for fans who love to take risks due to the randomized nature of drops, you can buy up a whole bunch of them in store and have a mass unboxing event.

However, after the implementation of the March 11 update, something isn’t quite right with the system and fans aren’t pleased.

Overwatch loot box bug

Overwatch Loot Box
Blizzard Entertainment
Sure opening loot crates is satisfying, but this bug is ruining that.

A Reddit thread that dropped after the March 11 patch shows that player’s loot boxes are opening but only showing a black screen instead of the items dropped.

While you can still check which items you’ve received, not knowing what has actually dropped is frustrating in many ways.

Each piece of loot is normally illuminated in white, blue, purple or gold, with each color signifying the tier of the cosmetic or, alternatively, how many credits you’ve been gifted.

While part of the fun of opening loot crates is the randomized drop system and, in turn, the thrill of getting a piece of Legendary loot, this bug just adds a little too much mystery.

Fans want the bug fixed

A brief glance at the comments is proof in itself that this issue needs resolved as soon as possible.

One fan writes that “all of mine have been like that since last patch,” and another agrees that it was that “Pachimari patch” that has started causing some chaos.

Others have noticed this issue before, especially if you open the loot crate after having been toggling with the settings menu.

Either way, PC users seem to be having some real issues, which is pretty annoying if you’ve ploughed cash into getting some new cosmetics. Hopefully it’ll be sorted in time for the Archives event, after all, we’re all hoping for some historical themed drops in the Archives boxes.