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Overwatch Anniversary Event 2021 start date, skins & more revealed

Published: 24/May/2021 10:57 Updated: 26/May/2021 14:38

by Lauren Bergin


Overwatch’s Anniversary event rolls around every year to celebrate the game’s official release date back in 2016. Here’s everything you need to know about 2021’s iteration, including the dates, skins, and more. 

When it comes to events, Overwatch likes to go big or go home. The annual Anniversary event lets players party in style to celebrate the game getting another year older, and brings us a whole payload full of new content every year.

Usually, directly after Overwatch Archives, which just wrapped up at the end of April, the Overwatch calendar for spring is jam-packed with fun-filled adventures.



What is Overwatch Anniversary?

Blizzard Entertainment
Get ready to party hard at Overwatch’s Anniversary event!

Anniversary is the yearly celebration of Overwatch’s release date. Having dropped all the way back in 2016, this year will mark the game’s fifth trip around the sun since coming out on May 24. 2016.

Fans have been immersed in Blizzard’s FPS for the last half-decade, so maybe we’ll see some fun new content given that this is a milestone in the title’s history, but nothing’s been announced just yet.

When is Overwatch Anniversary?

Going off of previous dates for anniversary we predicted back in March when this article first came out that Overwatch Anniversary 2021 would run from May 18 to June 8 this year, and right on schedule Blizzard confirmed we were 100% correct on May 16, two days before the event got going.


Anniversary skins & cosmetics

Little Red Ashe Anniversary Skin 2020 Overwatch
Blizzard Entertainment
Little Red Ashe has become one of the Anniversary event’s most iconic skins.

Every year the Anniversary event brings with it some amazing skins, sprays and other cosmetics. With around 3 Epic and 5 Legendary drops, some of the game’s most iconic cosmetics have come out of the Anniversary event.

Last year we saw fan favorites like Little Red Ashe, Masquerade Reaper and Dragoon Mercy enter the fray, so expectations are pretty high considering that this year is more momentous than the others.

All of these will be available for purchase during the event using Overwatch’s in-game currency, as well as in the special Anniversary Loot Crates. So, make sure you’re grinding hard for that cash!


“But what about new 2021 cosmetics, Dexerto?” Well, you’re in luck, as Blizzard also teased three Legendary skins coming during the event. Currently, we’ve got:

Funky Baptiste

Baptiste Legendary skin
Blizzard Entertainment
We want the funk, give up that funk.

Venus Moira

Moira Venus Skin Anniversary 2021
Blizzard Entertainment
Moira raising Venus flytraps seems more appropriate the more we think about it.

Junkfood Junkrat

Junkrat Overwatch Anniversary
Blizzard Entertainment
Fancy a bite of that candy? Looks like it bites back.

Gladiator Doomfist

Blizzard Entertainment
“Are you not entertained?”

Black Cat Sombra

Sombra black cat
Blizzard Entertainment
Sombra’s Black Cat skin is puuurfect.

Overwatch Anniversary Weekly Challenges

Weekly challenges have become a staple part of Overwatch events. Usually offering a themed spray, icon, and Legendary skin in return for winning a set amount of games every week, Weekly Challenges are an easy way to bag unique cosmetics.

For Anniversary, Blizzard have switched things up a bit:

  • You need to play 27 games of Quickplay.
  • Every 9 games, you will receive an icon, spray then skin.
  • Winning counts as two games.

This cycle should reset every week for the three weeks of the Anniversary event, therefore giving you the chance to get 3 unique icons, sprays, and skins.


Thus far, it’s been revealed that the Weekly Challenge skins are:

Week 1: Cybermedic Ana

Blizzard Entertainment
Ana looks like she’d fit right into Cyberpunk 2077 with this skin.

Week 2: Bird of Paradise Echo

Echo Overwatch skin
Blizzard Entertainment
Bird of Paradise Echo is one of the new Legendary skins available in Anniversary 2021.

Week 3: 8 Ball Wrecking Ball

Blizzard Entertainment
Wouldn’t want to snooker this 8 ball…

That’s all you need to know about the Overwatch Anniversary Event! As more details become available, we’ll update this page, so make sure to check back soon!