Insane Overwatch ultimate trick lets Reinhardt delay Earthshatter in mid-air

Michael Gwilliam
Reinhardt on Overwatch's Temple of AnubisBlizzard Entertainment

A new Overwatch trick with Reinhardt’s Earthshatter ultimate could completely change up how the powerful tank hero is played thanks to a bizarre tech.

Reinhardt’s Earthshatter can be one of the most impactful in the game. With the power to knock multiple enemies on the ground leaving them completely vulnerable, it’s not uncommon for team fights to be won with it alone.

The major downside for Earthshatter, however, is how it can be blocked by shields and that there is a cast time during it. This means that other heroes can interrupt Reinhardt mid-animation to cancel the ability.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, and this cast time may actually be a saving grace thanks to a powerful new trick.

Reinhardt earthshatter on HollywoodBlizzard Entertainment
Earthshatter’s big weakness is shields.

As showcased by Twitch streamer Mcmagicmarv, it’s possible to use Earthshatter at the right spot on certain maps and suspend yourself midair to catch enemies off guard.

Take this clip on Temple of Anubis for example, he’s able to trick the enemies into thinking he wasted his shatter because the “hammer down” voice line is quite loud. Little do they know he’s lying in wait and the ultimate is just suspended.

The same happened with this clip on Ilios where the Roadhog is left wide open. Despite receiving a Nano Boost from Ana, the Hog player is still charged off the map and to his demise.

Speaking with Dexerto, the streamer explained that if you activate your ultimate whilst jumping off higher ground, shatter doesn’t activate until you touch the floor.

“I knew a few spots as Lucio where you could wall ride on to a roof and use your ultimate and just not let it activate it until you’ve touched the ground. It was a pretty funny way to make the enemies think you’ve wasted it but then counter their offensive ultimates,” he said.

“Some of the roofs and spots in overwatch aren’t treated as surfaces your heroes abilities interact with,” he added. “Spots like these are commonly known as ‘bounce spots’, which are very popular with Doomfist players as they like to perch there and slam onto players without them being able to react.”

Basically, Mcmagicmarv took this idea and applied it to Reinhardt, who has a much larger model than other heroes. It does seem to be working out, though.

If you want to take your Reinhardt play a step further and really take it to your foes, be sure to implement this trick to your repertoire.