Overwatch haunted by McCree as Cole Cassidy updates miss key references

Lauren Bergin
Overwatch cowboy tips his hat in an Asian inspired outfit

Despite Blizzard trying to remove all traces of the hero formerly known as Jesse McCree from Overwatch, it turns out he’s haunting the newly named Cole Cassidy.

In the wake of the lawsuit against Activision Blizzard for fostering a “pervasive frat boy culture” within the work environment, players demanded that Overwatch hero McCree (named after one of the developers allegedly involved in the scandal) be renamed.

With Blizzard choosing to alter the cowboy hero’s name to Cole Cassidy, the change was introduced with October 26’s update. Despite clarifying that any cinematic and voice line content will remain under the name McCree, most of the character’s in-game cosmetics have been amended to reflect his new name.

It turns out, though, that McCree continues to haunt Cole Cassidy, as fans have uncovered several different subtle references to the hero that have gone unchanged.

Overwatch cowboy hero fights in a Japanese garden setting
Cole Cassidy is now Overwatch’s most fearsome outlaw, but some reminders of his blotchy past still remain in-game.

Blizzard miss McCree references in new Overwatch update

While the vast majority of the outlaw king’s cosmetics have been redesigned to use his new name, Blizzard have missed one fan favorite.

One fan has noticed that Cassidy’s Lunar New Year skin from 2018, Magistrate, still has “God McCree” written in Korean Hangul on his belt. Noting “it should say “갓카스” (Gatkaseu), but it still says “갓크리” (Gatkeuri,)” many are calling it an “oversight.”

While another is quick to point out that “they probably figured noone [sic] would notice but you did,” another defends the mishap by writing “I doubt they noticed and said ‘I’m sure nobody will see it.’ It’s much more likely nobody knew, as I’m sure the majority of the devs/designers cannot read Hangul.”

Another player has noticed that, on Blizzard’s Battle.net launcher, the Cassidy profile picture that players can select is still called “McCree.”

While some players are noting that “it’s fixed” for them, others note that “another team is probably responsible for anything to do with the launcher, they really should’ve seen this coming.”

As the specter of McCree continues to taint Cassidy’s glorious ride into Overwatch, it’ll be interesting to see whether Blizzard change these outlying cosmetics.

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