Overwatch devs confirm McCree content will stay in-game after Cole Cassidy name change

Connor Knudsen
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Activision Blizzard

Overwatch has officially changed the name of McCree to Cole Cassidy, but previous cinematics and in-game content will still feature the old name.

Blizzard’s tenured hero shooter, Overwatch, has just taken another step in the game’s collective move forward.

The game’s cowboy hero, previously named Jesse McCree, has now been renamed Cole Cassidy following backlash from the community over the previous character’s controversial namesake.

However, “McCree” will still remain in some content, according to devs.

“McCree” to remain in previous Overwatch content

Overwatch artistic cowboy drawing with logo
Activision Blizzard
Cole Cassidy has now officially ridden into Overwatch.

According to tweets from the Overwatch Twitter account in response to questions about the name change, McCree will remain in previous content.

The posts in reference to this read, “Previous content will remain unaltered. This affects content moving forward, both in game and out.”

This will likely refer to any existing voice lines, the game’s many cinematics, and other features that specifically mention the name McCree. Time used to adjust this is likely being spent on OW2, especially in light of the recent BlizzConline cancellation.

This change is made official in the October 26 patch notes, although fans have been aware of the coming change for about a week prior.

As a part of the update, players will also be able to change their BattleTags once at no cost, giving anyone who may have previously mentioned McCree in their name an opportunity to remove that.

Or, this simply allows for a chance at a fresh start as the sequel, Overwatch 2, continues to draw ever closer.