Overwatch creators express new “faith” in Overwatch 2 after secret dev meeting

Theo Salaun
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Delay after delay, confidence in Overwatch 2 slipped. But, after a secret meeting with the developers, Overwatch creators are ecstatic, sharing a newly restored level of faith for the first time in what feels like years.

When Overwatch released in May 2016, the hype was undeniable. Eventually, that interest turned to the game’s highly anticipated sequel, Overwatch 2.

But nearly six years later, after a number of delays, there is still no official timeline for OW2. Community morale has been low, but things might be turning around. After a secret meeting with the developers, content creators are saying it’s time to get back on the wagon.

A number of streamers got to speak with the developers about OW2 on December 16. And, while no one is breaking NDA and leaking anything, their excitement, and renewed faith, is hard to ignore.

Secret dev meeting builds community confidence in Overwatch 2

As enthusiastically expressed by popular YouTuber ‘YourOverwatch,’ the meeting was under NDA so no details can be shared. But there is a lot of happiness coming out of the chat with Blizzard.

This feeling was shared by a number of other streamers. ‘EeveeA’ said their “confidence in Overwatch’s future is through the roof” and ‘mL7’ agreed their “faith for the future of Overwatch has been restored.”

Former Contenders pro, ‘SamitoFPS’ also explained how he felt, as someone who has long been critical of the game and its devs: “For the first time in a long time I’m rightfully optimistic. I can’t wait to see this game back where it belongs in this industry, at the top.”

Overwatch creators want fans to believe the hype about OW2

Unsurprisingly, many fans were not convinced by the creator excitement. So ‘EvilToaster’ tried to persuade the pessimists: “As a person with a price tag too high for blizzard to pay me to say the future of overwatch looks good trust me when I say the future of overwatch looks good.”

Following a similar thread, ‘Warn’ elaborated that – although the meeting built confidence – the transparency is not enough and they still “want something concrete to showcase.” In the meantime, it’s understandable for fans to “be doubtful.”

In sum, sure, LEGO got Overwatch 2 before fans did. But, if the creators who still play this game six years later are to be believed, the glass is half full.