Overwatch 2 LEGO launches before the game has a release date

reinhardt overwatch 2 legoActivision Blizzard

Overwatch 2 LEGOs have been spotted at certain retailers, according to fans, before the game itself even has a release date. Could this mean anything for the future of OW2?

Overwatch has been all about collaborations and brand activations since its inception, including various partnerships with its esport, the Overwatch League.

One of the most impressive ones, though, was the in-game activation for LEGO in 2019, which gave Bastion a skin made of the tiny colored bricks.

Well, it looks like LEGO and Overwatch are continuing their relationship in 2021 and beyond, with sightings of an Overwatch 2 LEGO collection already being spotted in stores by some fans.

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Overwatch 2 LEGO?

lego bastionActivision Blizzard
Overwatch x LEGO looks to be a collaboration that isn’t going away anytime soon.

While it’s not clear which retailers have picked up the set, fans on the game’s official subreddit have posted official pictures of a new Overwatch 2 LEGO set.

The set appears to depict what fans saw in the cinematic when the sequel was first announced, with Mei and Tracer seen fighting a giant omnic adversary.

It looks like it’d be a blast to build and is a great collaboration, but that hasn’t stopped fans from pointing out its questionable timing.

The last we heard, Overwatch 2 was delayed until further notice. But, could these LEGO sets mean its on the horizon?

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One fan said this could be LEGO disregarding some Blizzard embargo and going ahead with the set as initially planned, but another in the replies had a different idea:

“Or, it could be the opposite, that things are in motion to start rolling out new merch. There was an update for artbook 2 within the past week or two, and there’s the short story compilation that was announced the other that.”

While it’s hard to draw the release of a major game from images of a LEGO set, Activision Blizzard has been quiet on the matter for quite some time. What’s to happen next with the release of OW2 is anyone’s guess, really.

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In the meantime, be sure and check out Overwatch’s 2021 Winter Wonderland seasonal event before it leaves the game in January. We’ll continue to post any updates as they are made available!